Pressed Flowers

Happy to see the sun shining brightly today. The past few day’s weather was horrendously cold. Though there was no proper snowfall, however, the streets were covered with patches of ice making it slippery to walk. I had my own share of this acrobat moment before going to work. Five steps out from our door and I slipped at six in the morning. My automatic response was to use my hand to keep my bum out from the ground. Very much thankful hadn’t been injured because of it. Be careful pretties because winter can be dangerous at times. Had to go back home to change my footwear to my nonslip boots. 😒

So, for today on my second rest day, I used it to complete my house chores and some little projects I wanted to share with you. First on the list was to keep all our Christmas decorations. If I’m not tidying it now, it will take few more weeks for it to be taken down. Yeah, busy schedule of a working Momma. Before planning in taking the tree down we got a little trivia to our Akyn about the three kings.

Mon: Can you give me one of the gifts of the three Kings to Jesus? Akyn: Ahmmm…. Oreo? Mon: What are the names of the three kings? Me: Baltazar, Melchor and Grahams?

Lol. Like both of our answers are related to biscuits. Are we that hungry?

Talking about food, discovered a garlic bread sold in Iceland Shop. Added some cheese toppings, placed it in the oven for 10 minutes then viola. Instant snack for the hardworking trio.

Consumed these sweets to activate my working momma mode in the house. Thank you Kuya Anton and Ate for this gift.

After keeping the holiday decors, part of the list was to make sure the bed covers were clean. Have you tried using a fleece like fitted sheet?

It’s so perfect for the winter season. A treat to warm us up in snuggling up to bed. I’m honestly obsessed now with bed covers. Little happiness in adulting life is to get a clean beddings, isn’t it?

A Christmas present we got last December was this gray set duvet cover with pillow cases included. The color is perfect for 2021’s color of the year.

We literally cleaned the whole house today. Felt knackered but happy seeing everything is organized before I’ll be heading to work again tomorrow.😊 Yay!

Also, I’m displaying in the living room my first pressed flower project. These flowers were from my birthday given by Mon last November.

I tried to press the roses but it was a fail. Waited for four weeks before checking them only to find out the roses had turned into black with molds on it however the Baby’s breath flowers retained its beauty. At least my project didn’t turn into a total fail.

Proud on how it turned out to be. I need to learn more techniques about pressing flowers then.

Thanks to my hard working assistants for helping me out with the cleaning 101 task today.

Mich ❤️

  1. I love using fleece during the winter months! Especially when we have family movie nights.

    1. It’s just to comfy for the chilly weather. 👌

  2. I think the flowers came out beautifully! I love that glass frame.

    I can relate to cold winters, here in the Northeast US. Winters are just so long and dreary here! But, it gives us something to look forward to.

    1. Oh thank you. Glad you like my first project ❤️

  3. that pressed flower is so beautiful!! inspired me to try one as well

    1. Thank you ❤️

      1. Stunning photos, thanks for sharing these DIYs and all about your life. I found them quite interesting and informative.

        1. Thanks for reading. ❤️

  4. The baby breaths turned out beautiful! I have always wanted to do this!

    1. Thank you ❤️

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