Primrose Valley Holiday Park Part 2

Second bit of our summer holiday blog post.

How are you all pretty Mommas this morning? Hope everyone is still jolly to enjoy the lovely weather. I have finished my morning coffee routine that means I am good to start my day by publishing my blog post for this morning. Every holiday we do is a big thing for us not just because a list in our travel targets had been realized but merely because we had a happy moment to add to our family memory bank to treasure for the rest of our lives. When we reach our golden age in the future, we have something to cherish like saying,”Do you remember our first beach trip in the UK when Akyn kept on complaining why the seawater tasted very salty?LOL😂

Happy instances like this is worth keeping, isn’t it?

For our second part of the post is more on what’s in it to visit Primrose Valley Holiday Park. Well, there are a lot to do in there that kids will definitely love to.

The accomodation we’ve booked was a two bedroom caravan with a massive living room. To be fair, if friends going in groups, a two bedroom can accomodate at least six people if two of them are willing to sleep in the big couch to save up the fee. 😂Also, part of the accomodation fee is a free play pass included in my chosen package. Free play pass means we can use both the indoor and outdoor pools, the arcade, their evening mini concert in their live lounge and unlimited play area for Akyn for free. Although some activities in the resort need payment but those I’ve mentioned are more than enough to keep my boy busy for the entire stay.

Took a photo upon our arrival. In their websites, it says you can come in two hours before your check in time to enjoy the resort. However, to be able to get in to the assigned caravan, the keys will only be available on the exact check in time.

It’s a massive sofa, isn’t it? We loved staying here after getting too tired at the end of each day. It has almost everything we needed from kitchen wares, fridge, microwave and cooker. All you got to bring are your own food and toiletries. The site has a mini supermarket in case you forget something in your trip just like us. We forgot to bring our TOOTHPASTE. Like really? We only brought Akyn’s toothpaste.🙄 Glad their store had one.

That’s me making some random pose to show my Momma’s OOTD. Maxi skirt for summer? Oh yes!

Hi to my thrifted yellow weaved hand bag. Guess how much would this cost? This beauty was only for THREE POUNDS! I know Mommas, it was such another lucky thrifting day!

Of course, yellow color motif for these two would complete the yellow day madness.

Their arcade was such a fun place to be. We liked the basketball game.

Unlimited outdoor playground for kids.

Filey Beach can be seen at the edge of the resort and very much accessible as well.

Thankful for the safe trip and the lovely weather we had for the entire stay. Another blessing unlocked.

  1. Looks like an interesting place to stay. I think my kids would love it there.

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I would love to rent one of those caravans! That couch is amazing!

    1. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I would love a caravan trip with the family. Sounds very fun.

    1. ❤️

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