Streetlife Museum Of Transport

A sunny morning came to welcome my Saturday but I would prefer to stay at home even if it’s sunny here. Why? Because it is still freezing. Looks can be deceiving guys. I can attest to that now upon experiencing the moody weather of Hull. A minute you can see Mr. Sun then before you noticed it, the coldness will shiver every hidden fat muscle I have here. (Lol) Bet some of you are enjoying the beautiful summer in another part of the world. I miss that!

Instead of going out this morning, I better update my Akynfullhouse blog with something my readers would love to see.

Last Friday, we visited some of the most well known museums here in Hull. Aside from the fact that we will be enjoying to discover their beautiful culture, the best part of the tour was every visit was for FREE. Yes, that’s for real. No admission fee at all. Wow! Unbelievable, isn’t it?

I’ll share to you my first visit to the Streetlife Museum of Transport. Most of their museums here close early around four or five in the afternoon so better have it planned ahead if you wanted to visit more than one place to go.

Streetlife Museum takes me back to their past life mode of transportation. I love vintage. I couldn’t explain my fascination to anything related to those years when I wasn’t born yet. There’s something beautiful with the oldies. Even in films, I like watching documentaries with topics relating to the old memories. If time machines are only existing today I would be the happiest traveler. Yay!

There are six galleries to check in here but because I got so amused, I hopped in from one gallery to the other not minding what section I was at.


There’s this grumpy man yelling at me. Yikes! I offered to give him my bag to pacify his anger. Hope it worked.


The waiting station for a train ride. Look at those old travel luggage with no wheels yet.received_791155824594824.jpeg

Not sure about the real message of our photo. It seemed like we were about to miss the bus but at the same time happy coz I’m smiling here that we won’t make it. Confused as well. Sorry. I need to be a better actress.received_618331618615215.jpeg

In this room you can see lots of street amusement for the public. You only need to insert Twenty pens to make it work. I’ve tried their foot massage machine and souvenir making using copper steel. Amazing!received_1358097134330436.jpeg

How their drug store looked like in the past.received_267947070807681.jpeg

Just arrived to 1940’s traveling from 2019.


The two Miche’sreceived_425689648234274.jpeg

An old ice cream car.received_789851341372536.jpeg

I really thought they were real men there. It scared me when I saw humans not moving for a couple of minutes and when I decided to come closer that was when I knew they weren’t real. Gosh! I’ve watched too much horror films having lots of crazy imaginations.received_411585122974983.jpeg

Their old style bus still looked sophisticated.received_277150686550434.jpeg

We visited two more museums aside from Streetlife in one day. I’ll blog them on my next post. It’s time for me to do some grocery.

Have a nice weekend lovely fellas.


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