Ikea Trip January

Gracing the year with the thought of making our house aesthetically pleasing and trying to be organized by finding some helpful gems in Ikea, Leeds. After we checked out from our Clumber Park holiday, we drove straight to Ikea prior to heading home. The weather was so miserable that day with heavy rains and awfully cold. Thank you Lord for the safe trip we had until we arrived home safely in Hull. This little man spent the whole journey sleeping comfortable. He was still asleep when we were already in our regular parking spot in Hull. That showed how comfy/tired... Read More

Royal Krua Thai Dinner

We made an agreement yesterday with Mon to meet up after our work schedules because ammh we missed each other I guess?☺Haha. He misses me everyday according to him that’s how powerful my beauty is. No violent reaction please so I can proceed finishing this blog. It’s refreshing to unwind after work to release all those negative stresses at work. My work life remains at work. I don’t bring the negativities from the busy environment with me. Once I leave the building, my work mode is automatically switched off. I work to live and not the other way around. I’m... Read More