Royal Krua Thai Dinner

We made an agreement yesterday with Mon to meet up after our work schedules because ammh we missed each other I guess?☺Haha. He misses me everyday according to him that’s how powerful my beauty is. No violent reaction please so I can proceed finishing this blog.

It’s refreshing to unwind after work to release all those negative stresses at work. My work life remains at work. I don’t bring the negativities from the busy environment with me. Once I leave the building, my work mode is automatically switched off. I work to live and not the other way around. I’m sure you’ve heard about this popular quote too. (wink)

I knew he’ll treat me for a sumptuous dinner so I had my tummy ready for it since lunch time. Yes, I wanted to satisfy my appetite. Diet wasn’t part of my vocabulary for yesterday.

Can we eat somewhere here,” asking him while pointing to the street food(pongko-pongko).

That’s too exposed to the dust.” “Let’s find something a little more comfortable to eat.” “Something we haven’t tried yet.”

His treat, his choice and the hungry me had no reason to complain to his tempting offer for our dinner. I love how Mon is so adventurous when it comes to tasting different types of cuisine. We both love exploring the Asian food maybe because of our love for RICE. We are a rice person. That being said, we ate at Royal Krua Thai in SM City for the first time. Have you been to this place?

We enjoyed the ambiance as it was not crowded when we visited it with soft music playing. It was so relaxing. I also like how accommodating the staff were. Customer service is big deal for me when I am rating a business because I greatly believe a business won’t be successful without their loyal customers. It is just right for the staff of any establishment to treat their customers well if they wanted their business to stay successful. Am I right or am I really correct? You got no choice but to say yes! Lol.☺

Few of their wall accents.


I find their food delectable. We were so full last night that we even decided both to walk around first before going home to relax our busy stomach digesting all these mouth-watering dishes. Sharing you what we got last night.

Their food are somewhat similar to the Philippine cuisine just like this prawn soup. It tasted like any recipe we have in coconut milk with a little bit of vinegar added on it. They served this first.

Prawn in Coconut Milk Soup

Prawns prawns prawns…. I love prawns


The rice lover me ordered this. I find it hard to finish because of its quantity. It’s good for at least two persons. Believe it or not, I still managed to finish it. Of course, we paid for it. We can’t afford to waste our hard earned money.

Thai Chili Paste Fried Rice with Chicken/Pork
Thai Chili Paste Fried Rice with Chicken/Pork

This tasted like the local “paksiw” dish we have here with a creative presentation. They asked if we wanted it spicy but when it was served, it wasn’t. Is the chili pepper really that expensive? Haha☺My husband loved it


Fried Lapu Lapu with Spicy Sauce


Fried Lapu Lapu with Spicy Sauce

Rice Noodles with Seafood

Nothing special with their Mango Shake and Buko Pandan Shake. Both taste like regular shake.

It was too uncomfortable to walk after eating. My gosh, but I’m satisfied! Thank you Lord. We visited few shops before going home to ease the feeling of fullness. We tried comparing prices for a laptop with SSD mass storage and the cost were too expensive ranging from 50k to 60k each. Got to work hard just too have one!(sad face)

Anyway, happy weekends beautiful earth.


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