Ikea Trip January

Gracing the year with the thought of making our house aesthetically pleasing and trying to be organized by finding some helpful gems in Ikea, Leeds. After we checked out from our Clumber Park holiday, we drove straight to Ikea prior to heading home. The weather was so miserable that day with heavy rains and awfully cold. Thank you Lord for the safe trip we had until we arrived home safely in Hull.

This little man spent the whole journey sleeping comfortable. He was still asleep when we were already in our regular parking spot in Hull. That showed how comfy/tired he was with our shopping journey.

This blog post is about my Ikea haul for January. Continue reading at your risk if you don’t want to be influenced of spending at the beginning of the year. Well to be fair, the things I purchased were mostly stuff we really needed in the house and not just a product of impulse buying. Rationalizing again my friends!😂

First top, I bought chair pads for our wooden dinning chairs. It’s a necessity especially during winter to protect our beautiful behind sitting on the cold chairs during early hours to have breakfast. The foam is quite thick and very comfy to sit with. They were on sale for only five quid each. Regular price was about nine GBP. I bought four of them. I just couldn’t find a spot to fit them all together for my photos.(LOL)🤣

Next are the baskets to add warmth to my décor and extra storage for our shoes using Akyn’s little clothes drawer. Once I can afford to buy him a big boy’s wardrobe, I will bring his old baby clothes storage in our entry way and will convert it as my second shoe storage using these baskets. I need three more. I’ll purchase them on our next trip as these lovelies are quite pricey about 15GBP for each. Crossing fingers they will still be available when I will have the funds to complete it.😁

Also got three new face wash cloths I can hang to our upstairs toilet. I previously bought two face washcloths from IKEA still but they were a bit massive. These ones were just enough for their intended usage. I think they were about1.50GBP each. Not bad!

I’ve been looking for additional frames to add to my empty walls. On sale for 5.00GBP each. I used one of them in our kitchen already.

Our cutlery drawer storage is broken. It’s about time for me to change it

I’m planning to add another mug hanging rail in our kitchen. I bought everything I needed like the mugs, hooks, some greenery metal container and guess what. We forgot to check out the actual rail where we are going to hang them! I was fuming. I had to let Mon check the car if we somehow missed carrying it to the house but to no avail. We left it. Bummer! Adding another item to buy next time. For now, this project is on hold until further notice.😒😒😒

These are just some miscellaneous items needed in the house.

The food bag sealing clip is one of the best hacks ever invented.

Additional pillow in our main bedroom. I’m the one using this. I really thought it was only for nine quid but hey-ho, I was looking on the wrong hanging price tag. When I checked the receipt, it was actually TWENTY NINE POUNDS. Lesson learned: double check the price tag before shoving it inside your trolley. I’m just thankful this pillow is very comfy to use apart from being pricey. I’m still happy for my purchase.

It’s about time to change my curtain to a black out curtain. With the shifts I’m having, I badly needed to make the room dark when I’m from a night shift. A pair of curtain was on sale for 22GBP. Such a steal and it does it’s job perfectly.

Ended the night with a take away from Dominos Pizza ( Akyn’s choice). He especially requested the new chocolate dough on the menu. Nothing beats Dominos for us!🤣

I have already used the items I ‘ve purchased and I am so happy with them. A good way to start the year trying my best to keep on track with making my home a comfy place to rest after our tiring work life. Until my next blog post pretty Mommas. Happy New Year again.❤️

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