Pumpkin Picking 2023

Yearly pumpkin activity is always filled with fun. We as a family usually go on a trip with only the three of us but this pumpkin picking activity is one of the rare moments we go out with friends together. Are we that too obvious as an introvert? (LOL) My baby boy is growing just like his parents who also enjoys solitude. I asked my little boy if he wanted to buy a big pumpkin to carve for the coming Halloween and guess what he said! "I don't want to carve pumpkins for this year because food aren't supposed to... Read More

London Day One Escapade

I got quite a few post to make for this month and all of them are still pending for completion. Maybe this cold weather is making my writing mode slower than it used to be. Looking forward for the warmer season or should I say excited to go home to my tropical country in a couple of calendar flips from now. Yay! See you Cebu. This post is the continuation of my previous post of our London do-it-your-own tour. After all the troubles of our accommodation has been settled we started our trip right away. It felt like we needed... Read More