Pumpkin Picking 2023

Yearly pumpkin activity is always filled with fun. We as a family usually go on a trip with only the three of us but this pumpkin picking activity is one of the rare moments we go out with friends together. Are we that too obvious as an introvert? (LOL) My baby boy is growing just like his parents who also enjoys solitude.

I asked my little boy if he wanted to buy a big pumpkin to carve for the coming Halloween and guess what he said! “I don’t want to carve pumpkins for this year because food aren’t supposed to be wasted.” “I prefer to buy pumpkins we can use for you to cook Mama!” How mature that response from my seven year old boy. He amazes me in everything he does. Most often he got more wisdom to learn than us adults. 🤣

Sandy Bottom Pumpkins is the place to be. I am too overwhelmed harvesting loads of sweetcorn because they also got them and pumpkins for dinner. I took a lot a of photos for us to remember another fun outing with my Akyn as my favourite photo subject.

My seven year old boy who is almost the same height as me. Soon I will be the shortest in our little family.

The ever hardworking Daddie looking for the right size of pumpkin for our kitchen needs.

Look how massive their farm is.

My Baby Akyn😍

Akyn took this photo for me.

Akyn with Mommie

We went inside the corn maze to get more sweetcorn and at the same time to have fun looking for the exit of the maze.

Ready to check out.

We boiled few of our harvest and had a pumpkin with coconut milk for Tea. I am super thankful to experience another happy event to cherish forever. Autumn is surely bringing pure joy to us.

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