London Day One Escapade

I got quite a few post to make for this month and all of them are still pending for completion. Maybe this cold weather is making my writing mode slower than it used to be. Looking forward for the warmer season or should I say excited to go home to my tropical country in a couple of calendar flips from now. Yay! See you Cebu.

This post is the continuation of my previous post of our London do-it-your-own tour. After all the troubles of our accommodation has been settled we started our trip right away. It felt like we needed to catch up for the wasted three hours in the morning trying to look for another safe haven. Our first target was to witness the magnificent Tower bridge of London which is one of the iconic tourist spot here in the UK. We could not afford to miss this. Our London trip is incomplete without experiencing its magic.

How to get there? First question in our list. Google Map was our best friend for the entire trip. Surviving the day wound’t be possible without our mobile phones. Tried riding the bus but it took us almost an hour in finding the right route. We’ve hopped in then in the middle of the trip hurriedly dropped off because the location stated in our map was not the bus stop followed by our journey. We’ve realized we were on the right bus. However, instead of going north we took the opposite way, going down south. Dear me! Travelling for the first time would really test your patience on how to handle stress. Breathe in, breathe out Mich. To cut the story short, we did arrive to where we wanted to be. Thank you Lord.


People often had mistaken this as the London Bridge. I was guilty of it,too. London Bridge is different from the Tower Bridge folks. Now we both know. (wink)

The Lady with the dolphin as suggested by Jazz as one of the perfect spot to pose and still getting the glimpse of the Tower Bridge from the background. Clever, idea isn’t it?


Wandered around to get some ready to go dinner while finding perfect spots to show off our OOTD. You know that’s part of the ladies itinerary when travelling, to plan for the outfit to wear. LOL

Hi Autumn you are truly freezing but the changes you made on the leaves are undeniably gorgeous to look at.


Every place was so instagramable! Wouldn’t you agree? Even the corner of a secluded street could make it a picture perfect scenery. I super enjoyed it.


Next on the list was the Trafalgar’s Square. This was where I bought some of my affordable souvenirs. Tried several shots around the fountain not minding of the people around. Who cares? They didn’t know me anyway. As long as I can get my desired photo then I’m happy.


Weakness! Tin cans.


M&M’s world in London was like a child’s dream made into reality. Loads of sweets, toys souvenirs, what more can we ask for? I’m definitely coming back to this place with my Akyn. I can already imagine his reaction when he will see one of his favorite chocolate.



A bit pricey though costing around 20 GBP for this one.



Visitors were all in a queue waiting for their turn to pose. I didn’t mind AGAIN to be part of those brave souls posing while others are looking. LOL.



Look at those colorful M&M sweets?


Have you ever heard of Cleopatra in London? Very much thankful with my travel buddy, Jazz for knowing all of these places. You may include it on your next London travel if you want. London Eye is a few steps away from Cleopatra. She’s lovely. I mean of both of them on this picture.


At around four in the afternoon, the sky was slowly turning into night. Yes, we got longer nights around this time of the year making me love sleep even more. Headed to the nearby London eye.


While posing for a shot here a couple requested me to take a photo of them as well. Guess what, they kissed while I was hitting the camera button. Like seriously, get a room dude. Rant from the back of the head of a bitterly jealous traveller. Hahaha.


To wrap up the night went back to Piccadilly Circus for a full meal. It was like a mini China Town. Gladly found a all you can eat restaurant.


First day was a blast. Visited all the places on our target list for the day. Just a suggestion for first time goers to better use the underground tube as it was easier to follow than using the bus. There was also a cap of 7 GBP for the fare in one day as long as you will be using one contactless card in every swipe for each tube station.

I’ll keep you posted for my second day trip to give you some hints on where to go in London. Hope this post could help you get an idea to complete your list.


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