My Humor Veteran At Home

Whenever I feel so exhausted with the unexplainable gloomy mood, my child will always come to rescue me. He is my natural clown at home. Not much of an effort needed to make me smile by simply staring at him. His innocence to things brought us so much pleasure. He can’t completely utter a full sentence yet to convey his message, but by just simply observing his non verbal cues is more than enough to understand what he actually means. There were instances when he tried making his own vocabulary to things like for example, he calls the stairs as... Read More

A Gift Of True Friendship”Surprise Baby Shower”

A gift of true friendship is hard to find. If you're one of the lucky stars to have come across such real type of bond, treasure them and make them last for a lifetime. I am forever thankful for having true friends who made me feel special and loved. I may not have that big circle of friends but I am definitely sure I have those guys with genuine heart. I'll share to you my surprise Baby Shower last 2015 which was organized by my friends. Two of my closest friends invited me to have a girls' day out with them when... Read More

My Sunshine After the Rain

The word sunshine can be associated to a state of happiness, cheerfulness and gaiety. I will be sharing with you my sunshine after the rain poured heavily. My entry for today is the complete opposite of my previous post. So let’s begin ♥ I was advised by my OB GYN not to get pregnant at least 3 months after my miscarriage to allow my uterus to heal before trying to conceive again. I was not just healing physically but I was allowing myself to heal emotionally too. I am blessed to have such a strong support system to help me during my... Read More