My Humor Veteran At Home

Whenever I feel so exhausted with the unexplainable gloomy mood, my child will always come to rescue me. He is my natural clown at home. Not much of an effort needed to make me smile by simply staring at him. His innocence to things brought us so much pleasure. He can’t completely utter a full sentence yet to convey his message, but by just simply observing his non verbal cues is more than enough to understand what he actually means. There were instances when he tried making his own vocabulary to things like for example, he calls the stairs as AB, the broom as Didin, water as Bidi and milk for Meme. I don’t have any idea as to where he got those words from. I tried to correct him but I decided to increase my own vocabulary by learning his language instead lol. Quite funny right? I need to sweep the floor by using a Didin (broom). How does that sound to you?

His recent humor igniting antics include mostly on how he  responds to sounds. The three of us, my husband, me and my toddler were heading to a nearby mall when an Ambulance with a loud siren passed by the street. His automatic response was to dance with the siren sound. We explained to our little pickle an ambulance siren means there’s an emergency and it’s not a disco music. He stopped moving his body and paused for a second. Did he get the message about the siren by any chance? I don’t think so, in a loud voice he said, “Wowowowowow.” He imitated the sound and was laughing after. Brilliant little man.


Have you heard about the famous catchphrase, But, wait there’s more? Yes, you will definitely get hooked reading this post for more of Akyn’s amusing talent.

Recently, he showed so much fascination with these cute yellow creatures called Minions. Every time he sees them, he sings the song Banana, a song sang by Minions in the movie Despicable Me.

Here’s the lyrics:



banana-ah-ah (ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana)

potato-na-ah-ah (ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana)

banana-ah-ah (ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana) togari noh pocato-li kani malo mani kano chi ka-baba, ba-ba-nana

yoh plano boo la planonoh too ma bana-na la-ka moobi talamoo

ba-na-na ba-ba (ba-ba-ba-ba-banana) POH-TAAA-TOH-OH-OH (ba-ba-ba-ba-banana)

togari noh pocato li kani malo mani kano chi ka-ba-ba, ba-ba-nanaaaaah!

Here’s how Akyn sings the song:



banana-ah-ah (ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana)

Bu ti ti na ahhhh Bu ti ti nahhhhh

I can’t stop myself from laughing hearing him singing it. He can follow the tune, yes, but he altered the lyrics totally. He never fails to amuse me, however, his playful naughtiness also sometimes causes his Grand pop to get pissed. My toddler loves throwing those things my father often uses at home like the TV remote control, mobile phones and sometimes my father’s tablet. It entertains him seeing my Papa running after him to save those electronic devices.

There was one time when Papa was busy doing something and he forgot his phone was left on the sofa unguarded by his presence against my toddler. While he’s busy, my little boy was silently making his way to the phone walking tiptoe like the sneaky orange fox in cartoon movies ready to steal something.To make sure he can’t get the attention of his Grand pop, he silently reached the sofa and when my father  saw him, it was too late. He was holding  the phone and laughing in victory, without hesitation he threw the phone. “Akynnnnn,” was the only reaction my father was able to utter. My toddler won the battle again.



No matter how rowdy or playful he may behave, it has always a happy effect on me as his mother. It’s a bit exhausting sometimes watching over an active toddler but I will never wish to switch off his being mobile. I would rather get tired having fun with an active child instead of worrying for a less fit baby. My little humor veteran is the main source of joy at home. I love you baby Akyn.





  1. Hello Baby Akyn.When are you going to visit us again. We miss playing with you.

    1. He slept late last night playing with his toys. Hahahaha . We will soon visit you and Papa soon.

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