A Gift Of True Friendship”Surprise Baby Shower”

A gift of true friendship is hard to find. If you’re one of the lucky stars to have come across such real type of bond, treasure them and make them last for a lifetime. I am forever thankful for having true friends who made me feel special and loved. I may not have that big circle of friends but I am definitely sure I have those guys with genuine heart. I’ll share to you my surprise Baby Shower last 2015 which was organized by my friends.

Two of my closest friends invited me to have a girls’ day out with them when I was 7th month pregnant. I was excited to spend the day with them for it’s seldom we could hang out together due to our different work schedules. I brought my camera to make sure all those funny moments would be captured. I love taking pictures and collecting the hard copies of it. It’s one of my hobbies since I was in College up until now.

We agreed to meet in one of the Uptown Mall in Cebu. I came earlier than the agreed meet-up time. Obviously, I couldn’t contain my excitement to see them. When the two pretty ladies came, they told me a nearby cafe offers delicious snacks. We agreed to visit the place then. To my surprise when we arrived, I saw some of my friends already waiting inside the cafe giving me a warm welcome.

Can I cry?  I was so touched with their efforts in giving me a surprise baby shower. I wasn’t expecting they would sacrifice their busy schedules for me.

I want to say THANK YOU to my dear sisters (including Armani) for welcoming Baby Akyn and for all your well wishes for us before my expected date of delivery. Thank you for your prayers for a safe pregnancy. I will never forget such kindness you showed me.

These are our Baby Shower happy pictures.♥


I love you guys☺


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