Five Years Blogging

This month celebrates our fifth year anniversary for our family blog. How quick is the flipping of calendar again? I remember starting this blog a few months when Akyn was born. It initially served as my reflection to everything I encountered then it turned to be a documentation of our Akyn's experiences. And now, it eventually became part of my system to write anything about how we celebrate life as a family. Happy fifth year anniversary to my Akynfullhouse. I'm hoping for more years to keep on inspiring my readers. They are my source of inspiration to continue my love... Read More

Thoughts About Blogging

Why I love blogging? I never knew blogging was my passion not until I started to launch my blog early this year. Blogging allows me to express myself more in writing especially those sentiments that I can't convey by way of talking to someone. It also makes me happy every time I can finish one article and share those things that may somehow touch someone's life. I am inspired when people would tell me that they continuously read every blog entry that I publish. This blog of mine is like a baby to me. I would want to nourish it by putting more... Read More