Thoughts About Blogging

Why I love blogging?

I never knew blogging was my passion not until I started to launch my blog early this year. Blogging allows me to express myself more in writing especially those sentiments that I can’t convey by way of talking to someone. It also makes me happy every time I can finish one article and share those things that may somehow touch someone’s life. I am inspired when people would tell me that they continuously read every blog entry that I publish. This blog of mine is like a baby to me. I would want to nourish it by putting more interesting entries on it. Every story I write here is genuinely coming from my heart and from my first-hand experiences. Getting famous or gaining extra income from my blog isn’t my top priority basis for blogging, though those are few of the perks that blogging can give. But…..

I blog because I LOVE IT.

A colleague of mine once asked if I don’t get tired of thinking what article to write. I told her that when you love what you do, everything comes out spontaneously. I don’t need to beat my brains out deciding on what to blog. I don’t consider blogging as a tiring job, instead I view it as an enjoyable hobby which allows me to freely compose my stories.

I blog because this is my PASSION.

A popular mantra that says “Follow your passion” is a very appealing statement for it relays a simple message daring us to do what our heart desires. Once you’ve discovered what you are passionate about, then fire up your energy to start doing it. In my case, it took me a while before I had uncovered my strong desire to start my blog. I am a blog reader but I didn’t know that I can start my own site too. I experienced the joy of publishing articles and making online friends with other online bloggers. Those motivations added my inclination to the blogging world.

I blog because I am COMMITTED to share my experiences to my readers.

Blogging needs commitment. Commitment to consistently write to keep the blog readers updated. I’ve read from one of the online articles published by experts in writing blogs, that one of the techniques of a successful blogger is to make sure that you have always something to offer to your readers. The more you write interesting stories, the more followers you will gain that shall patronize your site. Success will soon follow to your commitment to blog.

I blog because it gives me HAPPINESS to write.

Have you tried happily completing a task? How does it feel? Well, right now, I am happily typing finishing this entry for my new blog post. It feels so rewarding seeing my heartfelt message getting into completion and this is what I love about blogging.

I blog because it brings me new EXPERIENCES.

I recently received an E-mail from one of the established bloggers offering me to guest post about financial topics. The excited beginner blogger like me wouldn’t miss this chance to expose myself in the blogging world. This is entirely a new and exciting experience for me. It was quite terrifying at first for English is not my first language and I do have several hesitations that I may have committed a grammatical error in writing. But duh, I mustered my courage to accept the challenge to be a contributor writer for the site. I am so happy seeing my article finally published. Please click here for my first guest blogging experience.

There are so many reasons I can think on why I got hooked in writing a blog and I am determined to continue writing.

Challenges in blogging

I’ve just started my blog last February of this year, which means I only got a few followers as of the moment. Sometimes, I get disappointed seeing lesser traffic visiting my page. I am still building my blog and I should not rush myself too much. It’s not an overnight job to make one’s blog known anyway. My blog is a work in progress. I should keep this in mind.

Aside from lesser traffic, according to the other bloggers I follow, there are internet bashers who will randomly throw mean comments about a blog entry. Sometimes, they will also get too personal with their hateful comments with the authors. I haven’t encountered such but I am praying and hoping I won’t meet them. If it happens I will be receiving hurtful reactions without any basis as to why they said that, I’ll just ignore them. They can’t stop me for doing what I love.

Thank you message

To those who never ceased to show their support to me and who never get tired of giving a piece of their precious time to visit my site,  I would like to say a big THANK YOU.  I will not forget your kindness.

A kiss of thank you to all.



  1. I’m so happy that you have found your passion, and congratulations on getting the opportunity to do a guest post. I also am new to blogging and I’m loving it. Keep writing and doing what you love girl

    1. Thanks Nicole for the words of encouragement.♥♥

  2. I blog for the same reason – I just started last October and I’ve just fallen in love with it! 🙂

    1. Thanks Corey for reading. Let’s keep writing to inspire more people.♥♥

  3. I agree with every one of your reasons. English is my second language too but I love that I took the leap and challenge myself 😀

    1. Thanks for reading Viktoria for reading. I’m glad you took the challenge as well. Let’s enjoy the blogging world.

  4. i can definitely relate to your post as am also quite new to the blogging world.keep up the good job and stay encouraged.

    1. Thanks Helen. ?

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