Five Years Blogging

This month celebrates our fifth year anniversary for our family blog. How quick is the flipping of calendar again? I remember starting this blog a few months when Akyn was born. It initially served as my reflection to everything I encountered then it turned to be a documentation of our Akyn’s experiences. And now, it eventually became part of my system to write anything about how we celebrate life as a family. Happy fifth year anniversary to my Akynfullhouse. I’m hoping for more years to keep on inspiring my readers.

They are my source of inspiration to continue my love for writing.

A celebration won’t be complete without a sumptuous meal to enjoy. We went to the Oriental Palace located in Unit 4, 439 Beverley Road Kingston upon Hull HU5 1NR. It was introduced to us by Kuya Marcelo and Ate Sunsana last year. It’s a Chinese restaurant perfect for our craving palate of eating Asian menu. It’s our second time now and more to come in dining here. 😋

My food buddies who are always on the go in trying out new food menu.

First on the list for Akyn’s food of choice is this steamed vegetable and pork buns. He can finish two of these and had to share the remaining one to his Dad.

Both Akyn and I love the fried squid tentacles dipping it to the sweet and sour sauce is really delish.

Mon and Akyn are a big fan of fried noodles. I had to order rice on my part although I would also really want to pair my dish with noodles. I can share with their food anyway, can’t I?

My rice with three roasties.

My King Prawn Rice Stick Roll which I had to really dip it with it’s sauce before eating because the stick roll itself is a bit bland to be eaten alone.

After filling our hungry tummy went straight to our favorite thrifting activity with our new favorite thrifting shop in Cancer Research UK located in Unit 16, Anlaby Retail Park, Springfield Way, Hull HU10 6RJ in case you want to visit them. They got massive nice choices of clothes if you love to mix and match outfits.

My new thrift finds include this Bonmarche three fourth sleeve for a casual look. I love how vibrant the color tone is.

I’ve already worn it and it looked so cute pretty Mommas. You won’t even know it came from a charity shop.

I’m planning to wear this oversized white button up shirt during summer where I can have a sleeveless inner top then paired with this. It’s not even Spring yet but I am looking forward for Winter to come to an end. I don’t like cold weather. It makes me lazy all the time.

After we went home, our homemade Spanish sardines ordered from Ate Susana got delivered. Can there be anymore perfect than this month? I would say it is one of the best Spanish sardines I have ever tasted. Pairing it with a warm rice and a glass of Coke wraps up my beautiful day.

Lovely morning pretty Mommas.


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