Manila Foodshoppe Food Adventure

Before hitting the hardware warehouse for our home renovation shopping adventure, we decided to grab a quick bite for our lunch. I looked for a nearby restaurant to our destination as it was almost lunch time and walking under the blazing heat of the sun wasn't enjoyable at all. Gladly, Manila Foodshoppe opened their new branch in South Town Centre, Talisay City. It's a short walk to Atlantic Hardware, our target location for our home improvements trip. One of the restaurant's crew gave us this leaflet containing the updated price list for 2017 of their menu and their respective branches in Cebu with each direct contact numbers on... Read More

A Beautiful Change (Mountain View Nature’s Park)

As they say that change is inevitable and it's the only permanent thing that will happen in this world. Some changes may give us excitement however a few aren't that welcome to push through. But one thing for sure, changes will definitely bring us to a new situation which will help us grow and shall give us another chapter in our lives to learn more lessons. By the end of July, a major change will take place at work for our new schedules as well as for our respective assignments. This would mean we will have a new manager to report to and reshuffling... Read More