A Beautiful Change (Mountain View Nature’s Park)

As they say that change is inevitable and it’s the only permanent thing that will happen in this world. Some changes may give us excitement however a few aren’t that welcome to push through. But one thing for sure, changes will definitely bring us to a new situation which will help us grow and shall give us another chapter in our lives to learn more lessons.

By the end of July, a major change will take place at work for our new schedules as well as for our respective assignments. This would mean we will have a new manager to report to and reshuffling of employees will also occur. I feel a little unhappy about it for I will be missing my current co-workers turned into friends. We will still be seeing each other of course, but we may not be part of the same cluster. Before this month ends, we decided to have a small gathering or shall I describe it as despidida, a farewell party as teammates.

We chose to have our simple gathering within the city after our work shift to make it convenient for the rest of the group to attend. We went to Mountain View Nature’s Park located in Busay, Cebu. The entrance fee was just for Php 50.00. The site was truly spectacular especially during night time where you could see the overlooking view of the city.

No rent required to stay here as long as you paid for the entrance fee of 50 pesos.



Afternoon view:

Evening view:


They also have a free Karaoke which would require a 5 peso coin to be inserted for you to choose a song. A frugal teammate of mine asked if she would insert her 10 peso coin will the machine give out her 5 peso change? Well, I’m not really sure if it would.


My manager who loves to sing. He was an opera singer in his past life I guess. He got the highest Karaoke score of 98 percent. Almost there to perfection Boss.


A gathering wouldn’t be complete without the presence of food and some drinks to keep the night warm. A colleague of mine prepared all these delectable dishes for us. Thanks to Kizsa Grace for a sumptuous meal.






Two boxes of pizza from the generous pocket of my Boss. I so love the thinly made crust.



I am not into drinking but I did try to taste a few shots these of two liquor drinks.

These are the happy crazy witty Team Jason. We may have shared only a limited period of time to work as a team and get the chance to know each other’s differences but that little amount was enough for us to build our friendship.





  1. That looks just beautiful! Food, fun, and an amazing view 🙂

    1. Thank you Sosi’s Mom.

  2. That looks like a beautiful setting for a group event! I hope all the changes go over well!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Leah.

  3. This looks amazing! The location and the food! Que rico!

    1. Thanks Brenda.♥

  4. How wonderful that your co-workers became friends! I am sorry you have to leave them. Your party looked like a lot of fun!

    1. Thanks Naya for visiting. Yes, so bad I’m going to miss them.♥♥♥

  5. Mountain View Nature’s Park sounds like an ideal place to have a family reunion. The entrance fee is very reasonable.

    1. Yes, very reasonable and the place is so relaxing . Thanks for dropping by.

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