Manila Foodshoppe Food Adventure

Before hitting the hardware warehouse for our home renovation shopping adventure, we decided to grab a quick bite for our lunch. I looked for a nearby restaurant to our destination as it was almost lunch time and walking under the blazing heat of the sun wasn’t enjoyable at all. Gladly, Manila Foodshoppe opened their new branch in South Town Centre, Talisay City. It’s a short walk to Atlantic Hardware, our target location for our home improvements trip.

One of the restaurant’s crew gave us this leaflet containing the updated price list for 2017 of their menu and their respective branches in Cebu with each direct contact numbers on it.



What I also love about the place is their relaxing ambiance. I love the color combination of pastel blue green wall and the wooden brown designed ceiling with drop down lights giving a nice illumination of the place.


Meet my food buddies. You can’t trace any smile on their faces when they’re hungry.



It was supposed to be a quick bite but it turned out to be a family heavy lunch. With their affordable prices and delectable food, it would be hard for you to control your appetite. Let me show you some of the dishes.

Birthday pancit for only Php185.00. One serving is good for 2-3 pax. It was my first time seeing such a colorful pancit with pink circular ingredient on it. I really didn’t have any idea on what that pink thingy was. It’s the first topping that I picked and found out it was a quail egg. Food coloring was added on the quail eggs giving it a unique color of pink. I love the taste combination of meat, shrimp and quail eggs with the pancit noodles, however, I find the sauce too sticky.



One of my favorite dish from this food store is their Fish Fillet with mayo garlic sauce for only Php150.00. I’m very particular when ordering Fish Fillet. I had some disappointing experiences in the past from other restaurants where you can barely taste the fish meat inside it. It was like eating a fish flavored bread crumbs. I’m impressed with Manila Foodshoppe version of Fish fillet. You can really savor the flavorful meat fish on it which best complements with its garlic sauce.


Spring roll for Php70.00 per serving. Served hot and crispy. This never fails to satisfy my tummy. I can finish this alone with or without rice.☺


Makimi cost Php88.00. It’s another noddle dish with tender slices of pork and topped with spring onions. I love the soup. It was just right and not that sticky compared to the Birthday Pancit sauce, though they both tasted delicious.


A meal couldn’t be complete without  finishing it with a sweet desert. Halo-Halo with one scoop of ice cream cost Php85.00. They offer a variety of ice cream flavors for you to choose from: ube, strawberry, chocolate and mango. The ice cream added enough sweetness to the Halo-Halo.


If you’re looking for an affordable restaurant serving palatable dishes, then you might as well try to visit Manila Foodshoppe. I find their prices reasonable that will definitely suit your budget.

Enjoy your lunch.☺


  1. Wow, excellent food items and a good restaurant.

    1. Thank you for your comment. ?

  2. Wow I am officially drooling over the food in your post! Yummy! Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Thank you Meagan. ☺

  3. Wow, those look amazing! That dessert is so cool looking!

    1. That k you Vicki. ?

  4. This looks delicious. That ice cream looks yummy!

    1. Thanks Chevelle for your comment. Mouthwatering dessert, yes. ?

  5. I have never seen a dessert that was purple! I can’t wait to go and try this place!

    1. Thanks Liz. Something new and delicious. For sure you’ll love it. ?

  6. I have been to Manila, next time I visit I need to look out for it

    1. Thanks Dieter for reading. ?

  7. It sounds really lovely. The dessert has me intrigued!

    1. Thanks Jenni. Halo halo is a dessert from the Philippines. ?

  8. I wish to come home to the Philippines for all the delicious food! Just reading your post and seeing all the delicious food is making me hungry!

    1. Thank you Katriza for your comment. I’m glad you love the post.♥♥♥ Hope you can visit here someday.

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