Simple Christmas House Decoration

At the start of this month my boy has been non stop asking me as to when are we going to start decorating our house ready for the holiday season. We used to do our preparation at the beginning of September. Too early for some I know! But in the Philippines once the Ber months would start to kick in it is pretty common for you to hear Christmas songs played in big malls with the brightest Christmas lights shining through the night. For me our tradition back home is still the most festive joyous way of celebrating God's birthday.... Read More

First Christmas Tree

Because the BER month already started, we are also excited to start planning for our Christmas decorations at home. We are that eager to celebrate Christmas, aren’t we? Mon and I were lazily browsing some Christmas trees online trying to compare the designs and their respective prices when our toddler happily pointed his finger on the phone screen and was demanding the color of the product of his choice. “Buy Christmas Tweet ( Christmas Tree),” Akyn’s request while helping us decide which one to purchase. Few online merchants posted beautiful stocks on hand, however, as we read through the reviews,... Read More