First Christmas Tree

Because the BER month already started, we are also excited to start planning for our Christmas decorations at home. We are that eager to celebrate Christmas, aren’t we?

Mon and I were lazily browsing some Christmas trees online trying to compare the designs and their respective prices when our toddler happily pointed his finger on the phone screen and was demanding the color of the product of his choice.

Buy Christmas Tweet ( Christmas Tree),” Akyn’s request while helping us decide which one to purchase.

Few online merchants posted beautiful stocks on hand, however, as we read through the reviews, a number of customers were disappointed since the picture shown was quite different from what they had received. It’s always a good practice to read both the store as well as the item reviews first to get to know more about the authenticity of the online business. We will never know if we’re dealing with a scammer not until we will become their victims, right?

Anyway, it was Sunday which would mean a free day for the workaholics like us. Yey! After hearing the mass, our next appointment was to shop for a Christmas Tree and its decorations. Mon already had decided to create a combination of red and silver output. It’s easier to shop if you’ve decided what theme you wanted to achieve.

We’ve visited at least 2 Malls before we finally found the tree that suits our tastes. Try to visit SM City Cebu . They got splendid designs for Christmas seasons as early as September at an affordable price.

Gold and Silver Christmas Tree

The selling price will differ depending on the brand and the height of the tree. We bought the 6ft height as the cheapest one.☺

Corresponding Price♥
Red and White Christmas Tree

Red artificial leaves are also available. (P50-P150 for each)


More designs to choose from.♥


Christmas lights to give life to your trees. According to the salesman, LED light is better compared to the ordinary one because it can withstand for about 24 hour service while the other type of lights can only last for up to 8 hours. LED light price P499.00. Ordinary Light P200+. You may need to have at least 2 sets of lights for a 6ft Tree.


One thing so special for this Holiday season is because it’s going to be the first Christmas which we will be having a Christmas Tree. (Happy Dance☺). We don’t make any effort to decorate our house during Christmas. Customarily, we would celebrate Christmas Eve in my parent’s house. But for this year, everyone decided to have it in our little home.

Decorations needed for our red and silver tree.


The making of our tree. You see the green thingy inside the box. That’s our tree before getting assembled. Very convenient to keep after the celebration for it doesn’t occupy too much space.


Mon meticulously assembled the parts of the tree.

The first and second layer of our Christmas Tree
Our 6 Feet tall Tree

Almost done just putting some accessories on it.


The finished output.☺



I still got few more months left before Christmas for me to complete my tree accessories to make it more festive looking. For now, I’ll have this beautiful symbol of the happiest season light up my house.

Christmas came early for the Abilars☺



  1. Christmas is indeed fast approaching Mich! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Happy Holidays! By the way, I love the Christmas Tree! It really indeed transcends the holiday vibes! 🙂

    1. Thanks my friend for dropping by. Kulang pa nga yung abobot sa Tree simple palang siya pero love na love na ko. Sana madagdagan ko pa yung mga ornaments niya.♥

  2. It really is never too early to start planning for Christmas.
    We will be with my mom for most of the holiday but our tree still goes up late November <3

    1. Thanks for dropping by Laura.☺

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