Easter Egg Burger

Happy Easter Sunday everyone. Because it’s Easter, my sister and I made a homemade burger with eggs as one of its main ingredients. Yey! Cravings satisfied. I recently watched the advertisement of some local fast food chains about their enticing burgers which made me salivate with just the sight of it. But upon purchasing one of the delectable burgers as shown on TV, I came to experience what it means with the quote that says“REALITY versus EXPECTATIONS”. Lol I better make my own food rather than believing with those witty tactics of those businesses. Note to self: Not all that glitters are gold. Ok, let's start cooking instead!... Read More

Easterrific Sunday 2017

My Easter Sunday started with a heavy rain followed by a terrible flood in going to the office. I tried different routes for me to arrive to my workplace but everything seemed to fail. I decided to head home and had informed my direct supervisor that I wouldn't be able to report to work for today. Who would want to report to work if you we're completely drenched by the rain and your shoes were soaked with muddy water? Anyway, let's focus on the positive event that happened today (April 16,2017). Last Thursday, Mon and I decided to let Akyn experience for... Read More