Easter Egg Burger

Happy Easter Sunday everyone. Because it’s Easter, my sister and I made a homemade burger with eggs as one of its main ingredients.

Yey! Cravings satisfied.

I recently watched the advertisement of some local fast food chains about their enticing burgers which made me salivate with just the sight of it. But upon purchasing one of the delectable burgers as shown on TV, I came to experience what it means with the quote that says“REALITY versus EXPECTATIONS”. Lol

I better make my own food rather than believing with those witty tactics of those businesses. Note to self: Not all that glitters are gold.

Ok, let’s start cooking instead!

Ingredients :

6 tablespoons of Mayo and Ketchup (you can add if desired)

2 tbsp. butter

1/2 kilo ground beef

salt and pepper

6 eggs

6 Hamburger buns


6 Tomatoes

slices of cheddar cheese


  1. Combine 6 tablespoons of mayo and ketchup. Stir them both in a bowl and set aside. You may wish to add the quantity of it if you want.
  2. Make a doughnut shaped patty by evenly distributing the ground beef into 4 circular patties. Use a glass to create a circle at the center and the excess ground beef will be  utilized to create the 5th and 6th patty. Use a big mouthed glass to create a bigger circle to have enough space for the egg. Add some salt and pepper to taste
  3. Fry the burger patty, flip it after 2-3 minutes . Crack an egg at the center of each burger patty and add the slice of cheese once the white part is cooked.IMG20180329123812.jpg
  4. Now you’re ready to assemble your burger. Spread your combined mayo and ketchup on the inner part of the buns then place the burger patty with egg and cheese. Top it with slices of tomatoes and lettuce.

And your burger is ready to serve.

Lets eat☺



  1. way better than the commercialized burger.. simple recipe and easy to follow

    1. Thanks for reading. Have a blessed Sunday.

  2. I also love experimenting Food recipe. Most of the time it surprises me how a simple food ingredients can be so delish. I guess it’s an innate talents of Mommies.

    1. Oh Wow! That’s so lovely to hear.

  3. The patty looked like a doughnut turned into meat. Nice idea for a family snack recipe. Can’t wait to try this at home too.

    1. That’s awesome.. Have a happy family eating gathering then.♥

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