Easterrific Sunday 2017

My Easter Sunday started with a heavy rain followed by a terrible flood in going to the office. I tried different routes for me to arrive to my workplace but everything seemed to fail. I decided to head home and had informed my direct supervisor that I wouldn’t be able to report to work for today. Who would want to report to work if you we’re completely drenched by the rain and your shoes were soaked with muddy water?

Anyway, let’s focus on the positive event that happened today (April 16,2017). Last Thursday, Mon and I decided to let Akyn experience for the first time, on what Easter Egg Hunting was. I tried calling one of the Hotels in Cebu but nobody was answering my inquiry. Now, I understand why God didn’t let me book a reservation with them. If I had booked and committed to attend to their Easter Egg Hunting, for sure my son and my husband wouldn’t be able to attend to the reservation due to the bad weather.

I found one Hotel near our house offering Easter Egg Hunting for the kids. I was already expecting I wouldn’t be able to join them. I haven’t plotted any vacation leaves, but it was totally fine with me, as long as my boys could enjoy their weekends. A blessing in disguise for not reporting for work today, and because of that, I was able to spend time with them instead.

The nearby hotel where we brought Akyn for Easter Egg Hunting.


We arrived to the location at around 10:30 AM. I’m thankful Crown Regency is available near us which is accessible and doesn’t need long hours of travel from home. Our first photo upon arriving to the venue.

Akyn with Daddy
Poolside View with kids already swimming when we arrived.
Stage Design
Prizes for the games

I brought with Akyn his swimming attire I bought from one of the local stores in Lapu-Lapu City. It’s not expensive but I love it because it fits well to Akyn.



I was surprised when I saw the performing clowns. They were the same clowns I booked during Akyn’s 1st birthday. Hired them from Hannah’s Party Place but I am not sure if they are still affiliated with the same party events coordinator. They were absolutely funny and entertaining. ??



Guess who’s hand was captured on this photo trying to grab the food without using any table utensils. I can’t eat well whenever I am carrying Akyn with me. He always grabs whatever he can in my plate. Thank you Dear Lord for the delicious food. It satisfied our hunger. ???



We took two balloons home for free provided by the hotel. Yeppey! Akyn loves balloons so much. His Dad even bought him one pack of balloons last December and we filled it with air at home.


Do you know what are these colorfully wrapped things arranged on top of the table? Those are the spoon, fork and knife wrapped inside a colorful table napkin. ??IMG20170416101639


Now, please meet the main casts of this event. Hahahaha. Meet my family. ?

Happy Trio: Daddy Mon, Baby Akyn and Mommy Mich
My Beautiful Mother
My Pretty Sister and My Cool Daddy♥

And oh! He is the most adorable cast, meet Baby Akyn.

Baby Akyn♥

This is the favorite part of mine”Swimming Time”. Akyn was so scared when we tried to let his feet touch the water. He was crying nonstop. Snapped a photo of him crying.

Scared Akyn

Hands down to Mon for removing Akyn’s fear and replacing it with excitement. He gradually introduced Akyn to the pool until he started loving it.






I may have an awful early morning for today but I am thankful I ended my day with happiness together with my family. ?

Let me end this entry with my simple realization for today’s event.

No matter what life throws at you, always and always think those misfortunes we experienced are sometimes there for us to appreciate the blessings we have and the sources of strength that are available for us to continue the challenging journey we call”LIFE”.?

Happy Easter.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday! Love all the pictures!

    1. Thanks Growing Up Zee for visiting

  2. Started rough, but looks like the rest of the day was wonderful…love the costumes!

    1. Thanks Caseyp1110. Have a nice day ahead.♥

  3. Looks like a great Easter!

    1. Thanks Devon♥

  4. looks like you had a great time!!!

    1. Thanks for reading Forever Young Moms. =)

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