Minerva Restaurant

My post are mostly throwback events that happened just before our national lockdown here. What can we expect to do during this time anyway apart from our routine task at home pretty Mommas? I'm not bored nor complaining at all with our situation now. I would say worried for the safety of everyone especially my family, at the same time hopeful for a solution to combat the beastly pandemic. (sigh!) Anyway for today, let's make our palate both crave for food instead of dwelling into the sour reality. Two weeks ago we went to one of the pubs, the Minerva... Read More

Bloopers in 1,2,3

I had a good laugh yesterday with my friend who happens to be one of the managers in our department. Let’s just call her "Sexy Boss" as her nickname for this blog entry. We agreed to visit an appointment together after our regular shift. We passed by a fast food restaurant which offered almost 50% off of their regular price and we decided to give it a try. The only catch for their promotion was “NO SHARING OF FOOD ALLOWED and if you would decide to dine out the left over food, you had to pay an extra fee. I... Read More