Bloopers in 1,2,3

I had a good laugh yesterday with my friend who happens to be one of the managers in our department. Let’s just call her “Sexy Boss” as her nickname for this blog entry. We agreed to visit an appointment together after our regular shift. We passed by a fast food restaurant which offered almost 50% off of their regular price and we decided to give it a try. The only catch for their promotion was “NO SHARING OF FOOD ALLOWED and if you would decide to dine out the left over food, you had to pay an extra fee. I haven’t eaten my lunch, so I am pretty sure I can finish the food.

Let’s start with my first blooper scenario.

Our table was situated near the table of a group of men eating their 3 tier cheese burger with fries as their side dish. One of the guys made a phone call to invite one of their friends to join with them. I couldn’t help it but listen to their discussion because his voice was loud enough for the entire room to hear him. The guy said” Hey, join with us, we’re eating  in one of the fast food restaurants near the JESSY MORGAN BUILDING”. “I said JESSY MORGAN, JESSY MORGAN,” he repeated. Another guy called his attention “Bro that’s not JESSY MORGAN, that’s JP MORGAN”. I was holding myself not to burst into laughter in front of him. I didn’t want to embarrass him of course. But have you tried that feeling, that the more you stop yourself from laughing the more you’ll feel like bursting it all out? So, I had to pretend that we were having another topic with my friend and laughing about it.

Lesson learned: Tone down your voice in answering your calls in public places.

Second Blooper Scenario:

We were enjoying our meal but it seems that the food was too much for both of us to finish it. If we were going to have it wrapped for dine out, they would charge us twice of the exact price that we paid for. If we would finish it, it wouldn’t fit to our tummy’s capacity. We never expected that one serving was good for 2 customers. We didn’t want to leave the food too, what a waste if we would do that. We paid for it using our hard-earned money. We thought of a creative way to take the food home. It was a finger food and they provided plastics for our hands instead of the normal spoon, fork and knife. I told my manager to use the plastic to wrap the foods and then we would walk out as if nothing happened. I walked out of the restaurant first but my friend took her time to fix her hair and her skirt before she grabbed the food with her hand. The men next to our table were watching her with jaws dropped. I think they couldn’t believe that such a sexy woman who was wearing her powerful heels could grab the food using her hands and walk as if nothing happened.

Lesson Learned: Don’t over estimate your tummy’s food capacity.

Third Blooper Scenario:

We were both laughing on our way home talking about the incident. There was this public transport vehicle behind us, the driver called us telling his route and it was the same way to where we were heading to. I immediately rode the vehicle. The driver called my attention to let me know that my friend was left behind walking alone. Goodness gracious! I thought she heard the driver when he called us. I had to move out of the vehicle and call my friend’s attention. The passengers were looking at me getting in, getting out of the vehicle and then getting in again with my friend. ha-ha

Lesson learned: When you’re walking with someone, make sure to let your company know where you’re going, to avoid leaving someone behind without having any idea on where you’re now.

Funny embarrassing moments at its best♥♥♥.


  1. I think I have an idea who that friend was…pls send my regards.,:)

    1. Oh hi Mharge. Sexy Boss wanna say hi to you as well.

  2. I had a good laugh reading your post! I do wonder what kind of fast food place you were at! I don’t think I have heard of one like that around me.. ?

    1. I’m glad you were entertained with my story. The fast food name is Zarks. It’s a newly opened establishment in the area. Thanks for dropping by

  3. Well atleast it wasnt a boring day!
    I hope the food was super yummy!

    1. True. It was a such hilarious day that I had. Thanks for reading

  4. I can’t believe y’all took the food with your bare hands. I cannot even imagine. It sounds like so much food!

    1. Yes it’s a lesson learned for me not to overestimate my eating capacity. Thanks for reading ♥

  5. Sounds like it was quite the adventurous meal! I too would be interested to know the name of the restaurant.

    1. It’s a newly opened fast food near our office “Zark’s Burger”. Thanks for reading. I couldn’t even stand after eating. hahaha I was too full.

  6. thanks God you did not left your friend behind, you went back for her haha

    1. She really thought I was still behind her and following her. ha-ha thanks for reading

  7. Ha ha, it was an hilarious post & yes I’ll never underestimate my tummy’s capacity;)

    1. Yes It’s a lesson learned indeed. Thanks for reading. I am glad you were entertained.♥

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