Minerva Restaurant

My post are mostly throwback events that happened just before our national lockdown here. What can we expect to do during this time anyway apart from our routine task at home pretty Mommas? I’m not bored nor complaining at all with our situation now. I would say worried for the safety of everyone especially my family, at the same time hopeful for a solution to combat the beastly pandemic. (sigh!)

Anyway for today, let’s make our palate both crave for food instead of dwelling into the sour reality. Two weeks ago we went to one of the pubs, the Minerva situated near Marina in Hull together with my always on the go friends when it comes to eating adventure.

Honestly, it wasn’t planned. We just came up to an agreement of eating together for the night. The original plan was to do grocery in Tesco eventually, ended up shopping /eating trip. How unpredictable was that, don’t you think so?

Photoshoot here and there while looking for a decent place to quench our hunger. It’s my boys first time going to Marina.

First time experience will always be a memorable event. Same as this one. Another trip I can add to our photo album collection.

After almost an hour of looking, we’ve decided to try out in Minerva. I’ve been to this place last December with my workmates from ward 11. It was like a Christmas get together dine out. I quite like the food and their humongous burger. Ah, I want it to eat it until the last piece in my plate.

Can we get some snap shot while waiting for our food? Yes of course! The interior of Minerva is kind of classic. I’ve read from one of their wall art that it was around 200 years old now. Wow! Well maintained through the years. I like retro, vintage whatever you call it. I’m an old soul in the new era.

I do love taking pictures for every event even before social media became a hit. My close friends from Cebu knew my addiction to cameras, posing for a shot then having them printed. I don’t know but it makes me excited the moment I can touch the hard copy of my pictures. Some may think it’s an outdated practice as digital method of keeping photograph are now available, isn’t it? Whatever! ( shrugged shoulders) I’ll stick to my simple source of joy.

A typical mum SOLO pose.

This is an achievement for me to steal a selfie shot from my cutest photobomber. Hi to my stiff neck pose! LOL

Thankful for my little bubble who loves food like me.

Tadaan. Minerva Pub’s menu.

Are you ready to get hungry because I am literally craving to eat NOW by just looking on the photos. I got the Butchers 8oz steak burger with loads of cheese on it. Sinful meal but totally delish.

Mon got vegetarian sausage and mashed.

and our Akyn’s kid’s meal. He was asked if we wanted to have peas or beans and without second thought he answered, “beans!” I love beans as well.

If I wanted to get a good meal with a vintage ambiance, Minerva would be one in my list.


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