Just Listen

A bit exasperated a few weeks ago and decided to release some of my unwanted anger by talking to a friend. As they said, one of the best ways to vent out frustrations is to talk it out with someone you trust with. But sometimes people whom you trust interpret it negatively. She jumped into advising me in directing my concern to the person involved which seemed she was unwilling to console me. Instead of listening first, as a human instinct she automatically provided feedback on what needs to be done to face my annoyance and judged me based on my story. Life doesn’t... Read More

Our Angel

It’s been three years for this month since we lost our supposed to be first baby at 12 weeks. It was the 4th day of December of 2014 when we had experienced the saddest part in our married life. The memory of it is impossible for me to forget. Every time this day of the year will come, I feel teary and gloomy thinking about our angel. We announced my pregnancy upon hearing the heartbeat during my second ultrasound thinking we were in the clear. I’ve shared my detailed struggles about the tragic event here. The day came when the heartbeat... Read More