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A bit exasperated a few weeks ago and decided to release some of my unwanted anger by talking to a friend. As they said, one of the best ways to vent out frustrations is to talk it out with someone you trust with. But sometimes people whom you trust interpret it negatively. She jumped into advising me in directing my concern to the person involved which seemed she was unwilling to console me. Instead of listening first, as a human instinct she automatically provided feedback on what needs to be done to face my annoyance and judged me based on my story. Life doesn’t work always that way as some perceived it.

Sometimes, confronting the source of your anger is not the answer to solve your misery. There are instances when it’s better to let go of the situation and just vent out your emotions in another form like seeking comfort conversation with your friend, rather than blowing it all up to the original source of our disappointment. By merely talking, whatever hurt we felt can miraculously be healed. Have you experienced that?

It takes a lot or courage and trust for someone to decide to choose a person to be their ears when they’re carrying so much uneasiness on their head. I’m personally choosy to discuss my thoughts too. I only trust a few. Most of the time, I keep it to myself not unless it’s too much to bear. So, if someone chose you to be their trusted listener, feel honored because that means you can be trusted.

Lending our ears may sound like a superficial solution to one’s burden, yet it’s one of the best method of unloading the negative feelings. I consider it insensitive in immediately suggesting without listening first, “why not say it frankly or raise a complaint to the person involve.” Seriously! Is that the best comfort you can provide? Instead of blocking the start of communication, why not try to listen attentively and understand the message. You were providing help more than you can imagine if you do such.

I’ve experienced several rejections when I made an effort to show my real sentiments. This is not the first time. Good thing, I got this Blog to help me communicate my unspoken opinions. Thank you Akynfullhouse without you I may now be speaking in front of my mirror. Lol

Seriously speaking, talking provides several therapeutic benefits. I hope people can realize this.

It helps release the irritation– Once you’ve blurted it all out, it gives you the feeling of something was taken off from your load. A bit easier to breathe and a clearer perspective of thinking are the positive results.

Seeking Objectivity-When confused on how to handle the situation, talking with someone can give us another point of view to assess our concerns. What we may be thinking as hopeless may have a different solution unknown to us.

Allows us to hear ourselves– The more we verbalize our ideas the more we become aware of what’s really going on within us. It’s like we are made to hear our own voice and asked to do self-reflection. Isn’t that helpful enough?

It’s a great help to communicate and be listened to. Listening alone enables to calm the troubled rage felt. No advice needed, no feedback required just LISTEN please and let your presence be felt.



  1. Jumping into conclusion about someone else’s predicament is a callous act. This is so true. Communication starts the moment we set aside our own prejudices. Thanks for putting this into words.

    1. Exactly! Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well. Have a nice day ahead.☺

  2. It’s better to express our building up of emotions by talking to a friend than keeping it to ourselves. Seeking help early will save us from having emotional breakdown in the future. I also feel better when I can talk it out. Nice post.

    1. You’re right! Talking helps us to overcome emotional burdens. Thanks for dropping by.

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