Kris Kringle Humorous Mistake

It’s only a few sleep before Christmas Day, one of the most awaited celebrations. I so love this time of the year because of the joyful atmosphere it provides me. Christmas carols and songs can be heard everywhere, unending Christmas parties and of course, the most exciting gift sharing where everyone is excited to unwrap their gifts. We recently had our team Christmas party with my workmates. I had so much fun with all the food and the happy chatter. We started the spirit of Christmas as early as the month of November when we had our Kris Kringle activity. [caption id="attachment_5162" align="aligncenter"... Read More

Gift-Giving Family Tradition

“Hey, so what do you have in mind for my gifts?” “Are you going to surprise me?” “ I want something like this and this.” I immediately bombarded him with so many questions about what presents he has in store for me. I’m too practical when it comes to gift-giving in our home which many married couples can relate to its benefits. An acquaintance of mine once told me before, to let my husband think of what he should give me rather than me providing my list of all my wants. The idea of getting a surprise effort from him... Read More