Gift-Giving Family Tradition

Hey, so what do you have in mind for my gifts?” “Are you going to surprise me?” “ I want something like this and this.” I immediately bombarded him with so many questions about what presents he has in store for me. I’m too practical when it comes to gift-giving in our home which many married couples can relate to its benefits.

An acquaintance of mine once told me before, to let my husband think of what he should give me rather than me providing my list of all my wants. The idea of getting a surprise effort from him is forfeited if I continually make the move on what he needs to prepare. Well, he may have a point in giving my spouse a chance to exercise his creativity in showing his thoughtfulness. However, once you’re married you also need to balance several things like your finances. My husband and I, both prefer to let each one of us know our needs to make sure our efforts doesn’t go to waste. We would like to be certain that the gift is going to be of useful purpose.

It has been our family tradition to ask what possible presents we would like to get. Although, it diminishes the excitement of knowing what it’s going to be like, but the happiness of getting what we really needed is beyond compare. It’s like filling two needs with one deed, isn’t it? We had expressed our intentions well to make both of us happy making our relationship more passionate with love, at the same time, we managed to save our money to buy those things we badly need at home.

For my birthday, he gave me all the requests that my heart was wishing for. First, was this lovely nurse scrub suit designed cake. Aside from being too beautiful to be eaten, it was tasty enough to satisfy our cravings for sweets.


I also got an inspiring book to keep me motivated in maintaining this blog. He definitely knew what I needed as of this time.


And a bunch of school supplies for writing. My adorable colorful pens and a Minion notebook.

This is the happy me (happy dance).


What do I have for him? It’s not just about me! The world doesn’t work that way lol. His Christmas gift unexpectedly came early for this year. I think it would be fair and timely for him to receive my present as he badly needs it not just for entertainment reasons but for his job too. I bought him a V7+ VIVO phone. He still had an outdated type of phone for years now and I pity seeing him using such phone with limited function. The choice of my gift is quite expensive but I am positive about its usefulness that it will serve to make my husband’s job a lot easier.

We were so lucky having all the freebies which came with the phone. This is one of the benefit of shopping during Christmas season since many of the stores offer several giveaway to their customers.


Vivo Speaker that looks like a Robot Cat
Vivo Speaker that looks like a Robot Cat
Selfie Stick
Water Container


Maintaining the feeling of intense passion within our marriage by being thoughtful is the main goal of our gift-giving tradition, but with the proper use of balancing our choices on what to give. It’s as simple as balancing our life and work demands. We also need to consider our family needs without compromising those acts that can help as improve our connection as husband and wife.

Have a happy Christmas to all. ♥



  1. I am excited to receive my gift too for Christmas Ate.

    1. hahahaha Advance Happy Christmas to you. See you soon.

  2. That kitty cat speaker is just so cute.

    1. Thanks for checking it out.♥

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