Kris Kringle Humorous Mistake

It’s only a few sleep before Christmas Day, one of the most awaited celebrations. I so love this time of the year because of the joyful atmosphere it provides me. Christmas carols and songs can be heard everywhere, unending Christmas parties and of course, the most exciting gift sharing where everyone is excited to unwrap their gifts.


We recently had our team Christmas party with my workmates. I had so much fun with all the food and the happy chatter. We started the spirit of Christmas as early as the month of November when we had our Kris Kringle activity.

My Manager Aki(left) Rich ( center) and Me♥

Deciding for our code names was an easy task for our Kris Kringle. No category was implemented which means you can use any aliases. One of my teamamtes even used the code name Cardo Dalisay. We only got 3 guys in our team and basing on his wish list, it was pretty obvious who wrote Cardo Dalisay. He had to change his name to maintain the anonymity of the game.

For my code name, I used Pen Name. I was also thinking of using Anonymous Writer. Not everyone in our group knew I write as my hobby, perhaps after reading this entry they will soon discover it was me who uniquely submitted my code name.


What exactly happened why it was such a spectacularly embarrassing moment for my Kris Kringle experience?

Everyone in the team was already done submitting their names while the puzzled me was still figuring out what to write. When all of us were done taking turns in picking their recipient for the gifts, one of my workmates blasted,” I never had experienced a Kris Kringle with wish list written on it!”“ I thought we were free to choose whatever gifts we can give as long as it conforms with the agreed category?”

She was right. We had set a rule to freely buy anything depending on the category agreed for the week for our Kris Kringle. The receiver didn’t have an option to choose making it more exciting for our weekly activity.

I was originally sitting on a 90-degree sitting positing with a relaxed pose but upon hearing her, I started assuming the slouching position getting my body hunched forward to my computer screen, trying to hide my guilty appearance and pretending to show a poker face. Yes, it was my paper. The category was something imported and guess what did I write. “Please give me a pencil case with colorful pens.”

Seriously! Did I just manage to do such a silly act? Lesson learned: PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU’RE DOING TO AVOID EMBARRASSMENT.

Though my Manita didn’t follow what I originally requested but I am more than thankful for she didn’t give me a hard time guessing her gift. What do you think was my present for something imported?


For our official Manito and Manita (Secret Santa exchange of gifts), we finally had a wish list. This time, I got what I wished for. I requested for a huggable sized Winnie the Pooh. A perfect gift for me and my toddler.


Sharing you some of our photos during our Christmas party venue in Sugbufe. For their dinner buffet, we paid Php398.00 per pax with unlimited roasted pork. I find their food delicious. Your Php 398.00 is so worth it for the experience.

These are the photos for the beautiful ambiance.





Their sumptuous meal that will surely make your mouth water.










Giving of gifts is one of the happiest part of the Spirit of Christmas which reminds us about the three Kings who gave their presents to Jesus. It’s not just merely sharing of gifts because it’s a custom part of December. Somehow, it’s like a re-enactment on what actually happened on the first Christmas Day. Amazing, isn’t it?

Hope you will have a happy Christmas from Team Andamon♥



  1. Hahaha. Presence of Mind always is the key to success. Lol.

    1. We do always have that Blank-moments hahahaha. Thanks for reading.♥

  2. Food looked so enticing and oh your huggable Winnie The Pooh is so adorable.. perfect for a cold weather to hug with.xoxo

    1. Thank you .♥

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