Honoring God’s Gift

On my way home, I overheard some group of girls sitting behind my spot talking about adulting concerns. I didn’t intend to listen to their private personal agendas but couldn’t help it because their voices were audible enough for the rest of the passengers to listen. (makin excuses for eavesdropping lol) One of girls was narrating about how difficult it was to work on a graveyard shift and was giving pieces of advice to one of their colleagues who seemed to look so unwell because of the lack of sleep. In a nutshell, she looked so haggardly overworked. Poor girl!... Read More

Three Decades

Imagine when you’re writing a story and you’re almost done finishing the end part of your novel, suddenly you decided to stop and discard everything that you’ve started because you think nobody’s interested with your piece. After a few minutes, you’ll try to make another story again and the cycle continues. That’s what I am feeling as of the moment, cancelling all my plans for my weekends and creating another plan again. I was a bit exhilarated to celebrate one of the days I think is special to me. I’ve been planning several preparations to enjoy it since the first... Read More