Three Decades

Imagine when you’re writing a story and you’re almost done finishing the end part of your novel, suddenly you decided to stop and discard everything that you’ve started because you think nobody’s interested with your piece. After a few minutes, you’ll try to make another story again and the cycle continues.

That’s what I am feeling as of the moment, cancelling all my plans for my weekends and creating another plan again. I was a bit exhilarated to celebrate one of the days I think is special to me. I’ve been planning several preparations to enjoy it since the first quarter of this year. Because of so many options available for me to celebrate it, I ended up confused on what to prepare.

I was originally thinking of a small family gathering and then changed it for an out of town family swimming adventure. After an hour, I was also planning to sleep the whole day and forget about everything. I’ll end up going haywire if I have to continue changing my plans. I guess I’m just so excited to mark another chapter of my life.

What’s so special with my coming Sunday? I’ll be turning thirty. Yey! I am going to officially hit three decades of human existence here on earth. They say age is just a number and there’s nothing exceptional about it? Oh, yes ! It maybe true to some but for me, every birthday is special. It’s another year given to me to learn more about life. Another opportunity to correct my mistakes and embrace my imperfections. It’s a special day for God gave me a chance to experience the beautiful world He created. There’s just so many reasons on our birthday to be happy.

After so many changes I made with the original plan for my birthday, we finally pushed through with our swimming plan in one of the local swimming pool resort,”Tubod Flowing Water,” situated in Tubod, Minglanilla Cebu. Their entrance fee cost  Php 180.00 for Adults and children between 1 to 8 years old cost Php 90.00. Cottage rent would cost around Php400.00 to Php600.00.

Here are some of the pictures of the place.







It was a Sunday when we went there. As you an see the resort was quite full of customers making it more fun to spend time seeing lots of children enjoying the water. Most of their swimming pools were designed for kids. My water lover toddler had so much fun in there. Upon arriving, his first request was to immediately swim. Look at this adorable little munchkin trying to convince me to allow him to start bathing. He was so ready with his outfit and his orange colored float.







Food Food Food..IMG20171126121116.jpg

My day was complete spending time with my family. I couldn’t ask for anything more on this special day.



I am so ready to face and enjoy my life at thirty. I have so many stories to write. I am the happiest birthday girl. ♥




  1. You’ve never changed a bit since the day I met you 10 years ago. You’re the same bubbly girl I’ve known. All I’m praying is for you to have more Birthdays to celebrate with us. Good health and of course more stories to write. Continue writing and let your voice be heard

    1. awww. I’m so touched by your heartfelt message. The support you gave me is so overwhelming….Thanksssssss allllllllllotttttttttt♥

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