Honoring God’s Gift

On my way home, I overheard some group of girls sitting behind my spot talking about adulting concerns. I didn’t intend to listen to their private personal agendas but couldn’t help it because their voices were audible enough for the rest of the passengers to listen. (makin excuses for eavesdropping lol)

One of girls was narrating about how difficult it was to work on a graveyard shift and was giving pieces of advice to one of their colleagues who seemed to look so unwell because of the lack of sleep. In a nutshell, she looked so haggardly overworked. Poor girl! I had to peek to see how her friend terribly look to satisfy my curiosity.

While the traffic was starting to get congested and the blazing sun was getting unbearable to be tolerated, one of the girls offered their friend to change seat.

A sudden commotion happened when the girls shouted for help. She collapsed while changing seat inside the moving bus. Goodness! Why am I always encountering these heart stopping scenarios in going home?

They panicked while putting her back to seat and was shouting.

I had to remember what my mentor always mentioned during our review classes, “To act in the level of my competence before providing help”.

Upon checking the patient sitting behind me, she regained her consciousness and was responding to questions. Thanks God she didn’t hit her head when she almost lost her complete consciousness! When asked if she had eaten, she confessed forgetting to eat after rendering 13 hours of overtime. Neglecting her health and body needs were starting to manifest on her physical symptoms.

Instead of them having a girls out bonding they ended up going to a nearby local hospital to have her checked. This scenario reminded me not to forget to take care of my human body. I’ve read one of my favorite blogs about how to care for our body by making it presentable to Honor God.

One of the Bible verse the author emphasized was about:

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 NIV

19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

We may come in different forms, complexion and sizes but human as we are, we share almost all the same kinds of needs to keep our body to function well. God blessed us with a body that can perform amazing complex functions. In return, it’s just right to take care of His precious gift and use it to praise His Glory.

How can we maintain a sound body and mind?

  1. Starting the day right– Most of us who belong to the working class are so preoccupied with all the responsibilities we have in our plate, giving us too little time for self-care activities. Before starting our long day, it would be best to begin it with a healthy meal. Just like an automobile, it won’t sustain a long drive if it doesn’t have the sufficient fuel to power its engine! LET”S NOT FORGET TO EAT please.
  2. Get hydrated– We, coming from the tropical area, really need to get hydrated. The weather is getting too hot these past few days. Our body requires at least 2 liters per day of fluids. I’ve known some of my friends who have certain aversion to the taste of plain water. What they normally do is to add something to add flavor on it like lemon or cucumber. It definitely does the trick of having enough fluid intake.
  3. Dress neatly and appropriately– We don’t need to sell one of our kidneys just to look presentable by wearing impractically expensive designer clothes. The price tag doesn’t matter in the eyes of Heaven. I can go to church wearing the same clean DECENT dress every Sunday. I know God would appreciate my presence more than the brand of the fabric I’m wearing.
  4. Sleep– I used to abuse myself by ignoring my desire to sleep. I failed to manage my time properly in finishing my tasks before my sleeping time. In the long run, I’ve realized the negative consequences of sleep deprivation. I had difficulty in focusing my attention while at work and it also affected my mood. It wasn’t healthy at all.
  5. Exercise- I can’t afford to go the gym due to time constraints. It’s too expensive to pay for a Gym membership fee. Some of the excuses I’ve heard. I also can’t allocate extra budget for a luxury in hiring a trainer to make me fit. But you know what I do? Simple DIY exercise! My sister together with my toddler, do our own set of exercise copied from the YouTube.

These basic list for survival are yet so common but often neglected. How we love our bodies is the same as the way we treat the Temple of God. We don’t want to come to a point when He will penalized us by Him confiscating His present because we failed to guard and nourished it.

Be well♥





  1. Thanks for this post. I am guilty of this abusing my body’s capabilities by overworking. This post is just so timely to remind me, I am not a robot to sustain all the strenuous jobs. I should take a break then. Thanks for sharing Akynfullhouse.

    1. I’m glad you’ve came across with my post. Yes, we needs to take care of our bodies not just because we want to preserve our human body but also because we wanted to Honor God’s blessings. Have a blessed day.

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