Manila Foodshoppe Food Adventure

Before hitting the hardware warehouse for our home renovation shopping adventure, we decided to grab a quick bite for our lunch. I looked for a nearby restaurant to our destination as it was almost lunch time and walking under the blazing heat of the sun wasn't enjoyable at all. Gladly, Manila Foodshoppe opened their new branch in South Town Centre, Talisay City. It's a short walk to Atlantic Hardware, our target location for our home improvements trip. One of the restaurant's crew gave us this leaflet containing the updated price list for 2017 of their menu and their respective branches in Cebu with each direct contact numbers on... Read More

Family Tradition About Souvenirs

My husband joined their company outing in Bohol last Saturday. He asked permission from me a few days ago if he could join with his office mates with their out-of-town trip. I immediately said yes, without thinking. After I said yes, that’s when all the “what if’s” came to my senses. I am an anxious type of wife whenever my husband is away on a trip. I trust him completely with his loyalty to me. However, my worries includes his safety during the trip, his comfort as to where he is going to spend his night with, if his food... Read More