Family Tradition About Souvenirs

My husband joined their company outing in Bohol last Saturday. He asked permission from me a few days ago if he could join with his office mates with their out-of-town trip. I immediately said yes, without thinking. After I said yes, that’s when all the “what if’s” came to my senses. I am an anxious type of wife whenever my husband is away on a trip. I trust him completely with his loyalty to me. However, my worries includes his safety during the trip, his comfort as to where he is going to spend his night with, if his food was enough to satisfy him and the list goes on and on.

He knows me that well because he kept on updating me as to where they were during their tour. No need for me to request for him to call or text me. He called me upon arriving to their destination and texted me each of the beautiful spots they visited. I appreciate his thoughtfulness for making me feel at ease while his away from home.

While he was away, I made myself busy by cleaning our house and rewarding myself with three boxes of our locally brand pizza. I also have my active toddler who made me more preoccupied to finish all my tasks at home.

Tuna Pizza
Tuna Pizza
Beef and Mushroom Pizza
Beef and Mushroom Pizza


Hawaiian Pizza

We had some grocery shopping too after house cleaning and because it’s summer here with 31 °C, we decided to try out some dessert that would best match with the weather. This is called Halo Halo which means mixed together of ingredients. It includes shaved ice with evaporated milk and a mixture of different fruits and boiled sweet beans, with one scoop of ice cream on top of it. There are different versions of Halo Halo available.


We paired our desert with Chinese steamed rice. I was thinking of a light snack but it turned out to be a heavy one. What an appetite that I have for food!


My eating companions, my Mama and my toddler.


My husband arrived Sunday night with all these souvenirs from his trip. Thanks God he arrived home safely! This is what I am always excited about if a family member goes on a vacation, aside from the fact that he is finally home, I will also be receiving thoughtful gifts from him.  It’s a family tradition we’ve been practicing. Our way of showing how happy we are of being reunited with each other and this tradition also helped us to strengthen our bond as a family.

Mon bought me a T-shirt and he gave Akyn an undershirt too. I love the Tarsier design printed on them.


A bottle of pure honey and fermented seafood.


The famous Bohol Calamay which is a sweet sticky treat and is made of coconut milk, brown sugar, and ground glutinous rice. It is one of the delicacies in Bohol I really would love to eat.


What about you? What are some of your family traditions that you practice at home?





  1. How fun! My stepmom collected magnets everywhere she went, so our refrigerator was always full of fun magnets from all over the world. My sister collects mugs from her travels, and now she has wayyy too many! Haha

    1. Same here. My sister collects magnets too whenever she goes. Thanks for visiting. ♥

  2. For some reason my family has never been big on souvenirs. Maybe because we don’t travel much but when we do we have places that we ALWAYS stop at on the way. So, I guess thats kind of our tradition. =)

    1. Thanks for visiting. It’s interesting how each family has their own traditions which are unique from others, right? Thanks for dropping by♥♥♥

  3. I too find it best to keep myself busy when my husband has to leave…this is usually when I go through stuff and get rid of it and organize it. I find it makes the time go by much faster! I was really intrigued by the tuna pizza…I have never had tuna pizza before…

    1. This is my first time eating tuna pizza as well that was why I ordered it. It’s delicious especially when there’s so much cheese topped on it.♥

  4. We love celebrating the holidays and the foods that go with them. Family time is precious!

    1. Thanks for dropping by. I love holidays too. One of the happiest time of the year. ?

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