Bathroom Reveal

I feel sorry to those who are currently at work today in the UK with this kind of weather, too hot, uniform too constrictive and uncomfy to wear, office buildings absorbing too much heat, what else can I say? Tomorrow is also expected to be warmer than today. I'm used to high temperatures back home so I'm a little bit fine with it but for those who aren't, it's quite unbearable. This too shall pass pretty Mommas. Stay hydrated! As promised during my previous posts that I will be sharing our toilet renovation we did in our house in Cebu.... Read More

Room Renovation

I can finish as many as 10 to 12 blog entries per month before. But now, I find it hard to even compose a topic for my blog. I’ve been so preoccupied with all my responsibilities. Phew! Blogging is part of my world which means I can’t afford to drop it just because I got too many things in my plate as of the moment.♥ Anyway, what’s the real meat of this blog entry? Nothing! I merely want to say Hi.☺ Lol. Seriously, I want to share you our room renovation projects. Interesting huh? When Mon and I started as... Read More