Room Renovation

I can finish as many as 10 to 12 blog entries per month before. But now, I find it hard to even compose a topic for my blog. I’ve been so preoccupied with all my responsibilities. Phew!

Blogging is part of my world which means I can’t afford to drop it just because I got too many things in my plate as of the moment.♥

Anyway, what’s the real meat of this blog entry? Nothing! I merely want to say Hi.☺ Lol.

Seriously, I want to share you our room renovation projects. Interesting huh?

When Mon and I started as an official married couple, we had nothing and until now we still don’t have anything. Lol ( Lord I’m being silly, please don’t stop showering Your blessings unto us).

We’re both working but our salaries weren’t enough to invest and acquire all the necessities we needed as a starter. Our financial status didn’t stop us from building our dreams. Never we hesitated in believing everything was possible, as long as we have God as the center of our relationship and the right attitude to help us reach our goals.

Our first project on the list was to have our own place. One of the most important consideration for us was to gain some privacy. Living with our parents wasn’t really our choice because we wanted to get to know more about ourselves and have some me time without anyone’s help. We deemed independence and privacy for a newly married lovebirds as the secrets for sturdy relationship.

How will we know if we can stand alone as one family if we keep on depending to our parents’ financial assistance?

With God’s blessing paired with both our hard work, we finally had our little home. It was totally bare when it was turned over to us. So many things to renovate. So much money needed to make it feel like home.

Before the renovation, the place looked like this. A hundred percent bare. No floor tiles, no room division and not even a single piece of furniture can be seen.

The second floor of the unit

The brighter side of having a bare unit is having the freedom to freely renovate it based on your style which matches you personality (and of course the Budget)☺.

We didn’t have a room make over in one snap of a finger. It took us a yearly project for every bit of an improvement for the house and I am proud of that. Our dedication to save up paid off. Too much budgeting and prioritization of expenses happened along the way.


The renovation wasn’t a piece of cake AT ALL. Money matters will be never an easy issue without our willingness to cooperate with the planning until the implementation stage of the plans.


More projects to come♥



  1. Love your room. I’m impressed with how you prioritized your needs in starting your little Family.

    1. It was tough during the budgeting phase But Thankful we did survive phew.! Thanks for dropping by

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