Papa’s Birthday

I asked my Papa about his plans for his birthday a few weeks ago. It is so fortunate his special day fell on a Sunday which would mean a rest day for all of us. We can be together to celebrate it as a family. Gave him options to choose whether he wanted to have a family dinner buffet, a beach family trip, a cooking day with me at home or a treat to shop what he liked to purchase for himself. It’s only a once a year celebration for me to treat him. What a great opportunity for us... Read More

Love Your Parents

Before taking one major decision that may change my destiny forever, our family decided to seek God’s guidance by visiting the Miraculous Virgin Mary of Lindogon (Birhen sa Simala). It was my 5th time asking for Mother Mary’s Divine help for me to face one of the most difficult phase in my life. [caption id="attachment_6949" align="aligncenter" width="4096"] Interior View of the Church[/caption] My first visit was when I was still in College with my best friend begging for assistance for us to graduate. Second visit was after our graduation praying for the success of our Nursing Local Board Examination. With the right... Read More