Love Your Parents

Before taking one major decision that may change my destiny forever, our family decided to seek God’s guidance by visiting the Miraculous Virgin Mary of Lindogon (Birhen sa Simala). It was my 5th time asking for Mother Mary’s Divine help for me to face one of the most difficult phase in my life.

Interior View of the Church

My first visit was when I was still in College with my best friend begging for assistance for us to graduate. Second visit was after our graduation praying for the success of our Nursing Local Board Examination. With the right attitude to study and a prayerful heart trusting God’s mercy, yes, we passed. My third visit was with my husband who was still my boyfriend that time calling the heaven’s gift for a sturdy relationship.

Astonishing Outside View of the Church


Then, for the fourth time, it was quite emotional. Though all of my visits relate to an important plea to help me through another chapter of my life but my 4th one marked the most unforgettable. I was so desperate praying to help me save my first pregnancy. All medical results already confirmed of a possible miscarriage to happen, however, my heart still didn’t lose hope. Optimistic to continue motherhood, to see my child. As devastating as what was predicted, I lost my first pregnancy. Even so, I knew my prayers were still heard because after 3 months, I conceived again with a healthy baby boy, my Baby Akyn.


This time, I brought Akyn with me to Simala to both give thanks and to ask for another help for my incoming exam. I was finally back after three years with the baby I’ve been praying for!


Another special thing about our trip was because it was my Papa’s first time to witness the jaw dropping beauty of the church. Our first activity on the list was to kiss the Miraculous Virgin Mary to give thanks for a safe travel. While waiting in queue, Papa was allowed to pass by the priority lane. He’s using a cane to walk due to his leg pain brought about by his Rheumatoid Arthritis. While passing by the fast lane, people were watching him and I’ve even heard someone said, “He’s having a real difficulty walking,”


While seeing Papa walk, I caught myself teary. I felt sad realizing my father’s health wasn’t that robust compared to before. Little did I notice my parents aren’t getting any younger. Their wrinkles are starting to get obvious. Their visible white hairs are beginning to outnumber the black ones. (I’m a bit emotional while composing this blog!)

It felt like it was only yesterday, when my parents were still in their middle adult life caring for us. Where did the time go? They are now hitting their senior years. The sight of seeing him using a cane in going up the stairs was a great snap back to the reality on how much they’ve aged as time passed.

I want to spend more time with them. I want to spoil them by giving them treats with whatever they wanted. I want to hug, kiss them everyday. I just love them so much. They’ve sacrificed a lot for me to reach my dreams. It’s just right for me to pay them back with their goodness more than a thousand folds if I can afford. (tears).

Life is too short. Having still the chance to enjoy moments together with our family should be considered as a blessing. We should take the initiative to treat our hardworking parents. What usually do you do to make them happy?

I take them to travel to places they’ve never been to. Last year we had a trip to Dumaguete. We also had visited few beaches and swimming pool resorts during summer. And recently we went to Simala. Papa was so happy attending the Holy Mass for the first time. My heart also swelled with enormous joy seeing how happy they both were.

I treat them with good food. Because of budget constraints in the past, Papa and Mama would rather save their funds for our studies rather than spending it for a luxury dining. This time, I am privileged enough to pamper their taste buds with mouth-watering dishes. They deserve to be treated with royalty.

I talk to them often. Fifteen to twenty minutes of my time talking to them won’t hurt my demanding schedules. I talk to them with any topic under the sun. From what their dinner is to the plans I have for my future.

I shop with them or pamper them. I know they can afford to buy stuff for their needs but buying it from my own pocket will definitely make a difference. Even us, we feel happy receiving presents. How much more our parents would feel if it’s us making an effort to gratify their simple wants.

Got my cute companion while waiting for Mama having her Facial Care Day

Surprise them during special occasions like their birthdays or wedding anniversaries. I personally do all the cooking during those times. With the help of Mr. Google, I experiment recipes we haven’t tried yet. More intimate and less expensive to celebrate happiness.

I want to do more of these.. spend more for them …express my love everyday to Papa and Mama. You should do it too while you have the chance to do it.

Love your parents.☺



  1. Inspiring to see how much you honor your parents. So sweet to have such kind of daughter like you. Not everyone can realize the struggles of our parents just to provide us a better life. God bless your heart.

    1. Oh thank you!♥

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