Papa’s Birthday

I asked my Papa about his plans for his birthday a few weeks ago. It is so fortunate his special day fell on a Sunday which would mean a rest day for all of us. We can be together to celebrate it as a family. Gave him options to choose whether he wanted to have a family dinner buffet, a beach family trip, a cooking day with me at home or a treat to shop what he liked to purchase for himself. It’s only a once a year celebration for me to treat him. What a great opportunity for us to make him happy on his birthday. For sure it’s not that pricey budget to give joy to our dear parents.

Out of those options, he requested for a dinner eat out to somewhere near home. He’s having difficulty walking long distances because of his joint pains. Good thing we got few available restaurants near our home serving delicious meals at a reasonable price. Aside from the family dinner, he also asked for a shopping treat if possible. I’m pretty sure my pocket can still afford to accommodate my Papa’s wish (money is not an issue only for today’s date hahaha).

We sang a birthday song for him before we left for a family dinner and you know what, it made my heart swell in happiness seeing him smiling from ear to ear while we, his family gathered around him singing. Moments like this are so priceless. It can make you both happy and teary. Tears of joy for having this happen of being together to enjoy LIFE. I want more of this!

With his only grandchild☺

We had dinner in Osting’s by the Sea Restaurant Bar + Grill located in City of Naga Boardwalk. I don’t have any decent photo for the place. So, I grabbed the first photo from their Facebook account for your reference. You can click here to view their FB page.



Spooky Halloween Theme

Here are few of our photos. There serving time may take up to 30 minutes as the maximum waiting duration but still we were satisfied with how tasty our food were prepared.☺Truly mouth-watering.

With the birthday celebrant.♥
The bigger the smile means the most starving customer☺
Lovers in Naga☺
I’m not sure what these two are doing☺

Finally, here are the photos of the food with their respective prices so you’ll know the estimated budget for a family dinner of 6 with a toddler.

This my favorite for tonight. Gosh! You can really hear the crunch sound with every bite. Everybody loves this Crispy Pata too.

Crispy Pata P350.00 per serving

A birthday won’t be complete without Pancit. My toddler’s choice. He calls this noodles. ☺

Pancit Canton Guisado P140.00 per serving
Isn’t it obvious he likes Pancit that much?
Kare Kare with bagoong for P210.00
Sweet and Sour Fish P180.00
Mixed Fruit Salad P145.00

Their plain rice is P30.00 each per serving and a bottomless Ice tea is P55.00. Affordable isn’t it? We went home with a happy heart and a happy tummy too.

Will be heading to a nearby mall today as promised. Yey! Have a happy Monday pretty Mommas.♥


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