Date with Akyn

I've added another school photo of Akyn in my photo wall gallery upstairs. When you enter our house and look up our stairs, these are the lovely photos that will welcome you to our little abode. Nothing grand gallery but so much welcoming with our Akyn's smile. He's growing more cheerful everyday and believe it or not, this boy doesn't even know how to elicit a frowning face totally opposite to his mum.🤣(LOL) He tried several attempts to frown but failed. I'm starting to believe now those superstitious beliefs that when a mum has a happy pregnancy experience, eventually the... Read More

Parenting Experience With My Baby Boy

We had a discussion with my friends about the difference of being a parent to a baby girl versus having a baby boy. In my case, as a first time mom to my son, I can only share to them how sweet is the mother and son relationship and my journey of parenting a baby boy . I’m also a bit curious on how it would feel to have a little me. For sure having a baby girl will also be a wonderful experience. They are both beautiful gifts to us moms. Having a son who is so sweet makes... Read More