Date with Akyn

I’ve added another school photo of Akyn in my photo wall gallery upstairs. When you enter our house and look up our stairs, these are the lovely photos that will welcome you to our little abode. Nothing grand gallery but so much welcoming with our Akyn’s smile. He’s growing more cheerful everyday and believe it or not, this boy doesn’t even know how to elicit a frowning face totally opposite to his mum.🤣(LOL) He tried several attempts to frown but failed. I’m starting to believe now those superstitious beliefs that when a mum has a happy pregnancy experience, eventually the baby inside her will also grow to be a happy one. I can attest Akyn is a result of my joyful road to motherhood.

He’s asking more time to bond with me and his Dad. We do love it a hundred percent. Kids will never be kids forever and these moments especially allocated to spend with them will surely be part of their happy childhood memory bank forever. I have nothing against to those who prefers to work than spend time with their kids. What annoys me is when someone questions my decision if I want to go for an extra SHIFT at work or not. Not everybody has the same priority in life. Also, priorities change. We may know someone who used to like doing overtime but then suddenly wants some time off or vice versa. Nothing’s the same and nobody’s the same as we are. I think a little respect to people will do in agreeing to disagree

Anyway, I want to share some of our photos with my boy when we had a date together. We normally do shoping first just like this. He’s the type of boy who knows exactly what he wants when it comes to his clothes. If I choose his outfit and he’s not comfortable with it, he will never leave the house not unless he feels good with his clothes. A kind of attitude he got from me, I guess. I’ll blame it to my genes. 😂

Going to toy shop will never be out of the equation. The Among Us toys are becoming his new obsession now after his fidget toy collection.

After his request to visit a toy shop, my favorite bookshop is next on the list. I have finished reading the last CoHo book I’ve got entitled November 9. I might do a book review again on my next blog. Will see!

Our city centre in Hull has a floor fountain. It was turned on during our day out and because he was begging to come and play with the other kids having the best of their day getting drenched, I allowed him for a couple of minutes to play, too. Unfortunately, he enjoyed playing in the fountain with a price. He came to me with a worried face because his pair of socks were so wet. He had to removed it and continued our journey with no socks.

Bought a takeaway fish and chips and we decided to eat them near an open park in the grass. Barefoot? He ain’t bothered!

“Take a picture of me Mama with the flowers please!”

I’m so thankful for these types of moments I have with my son. It removes my stress out from everyday struggle as a working Mum. I’m looking forward for more of these dates with my baby.

Lovely Monday earth!

  1. having such dates are the best types for us!! looks like both of you had a wonderful time..

  2. Aww, he is a happy boy. Love these pictures.

  3. A date day is such a great way to give some personalized attention to your child!

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