The Terrible Two

Have you heard about a parenting phenomenon they coined as the Terrible Two stage? I’ve read about some articles about it and found out that it was an old myth which wasn’t supported with any established evidence. Every child is unique and they exhibit different developmental milestones based on their unique timetable. Extreme tantrums as associated with the age 2 can also be displayed in different age group. With my child, I’ve noticed a new development with Akyn recently. My fully mobile 22 months old toddler is now exhibiting tantrums when his curiosity to everything is being restricted. He wants... Read More

Akyn’s Monthly Photos for His 1st Year

My Mama loves collecting family pictures and keeping them on a photo album. When I asked her about why she would spend her money to have those pictures printed, she told me that it will serve as our remembrance of our childhood. Those pictures will help us reminisce important occasions, family gatherings and other memories that we wouldn't want to forget. Now that I am starting to have my own family, I practiced the same hobby that my Mama loves to collect. I bought my own camera to capture those memories. I’ll be sharing with you my Akyn’s monthly pictures... Read More