Akyn’s Monthly Photos for His 1st Year

My Mama loves collecting family pictures and keeping them on a photo album. When I asked her about why she would spend her money to have those pictures printed, she told me that it will serve as our remembrance of our childhood. Those pictures will help us reminisce important occasions, family gatherings and other memories that we wouldn’t want to forget.

Now that I am starting to have my own family, I practiced the same hobby that my Mama loves to collect. I bought my own camera to capture those memories. I’ll be sharing with you my Akyn’s monthly pictures for his 1st year. There are different ideas available that you can choose online on how you can have your babies smile in the same spot each month. This is my own version. Hope you’ll like it.

1st Month-This is one of  the most unforgettable phase of my motherhood experience. A mixture of both magical moments and exhaustion for a first time Mom like me. You’re like a little cherub looking on the camera on this picture baby. Your worries at this time were to get feed with Mommy’s milk, lots of love from Mommy’s hug for you to sleep and constant diaper change. You always wanted to feel Mommy’s presence beside you when you were awake.

2nd Month-Your second month was a stressful month for Mommy when you had chicken pox. The viral infection was passed on to Mommy after you got healed. I just couldn’t imagined the extreme discomfort you felt with those itchy blisters. You’re such a strong baby boy conquering all the discomforts brought by the infection.

3rd Month-You and Mommy were trying to heal those scars from chicken pox. You still looked adorable even with those scars baby. You liked to briefly hold colorful toys. Daddy bought your first rattle toy from Lamaze, a cute crabby rattle that changes colors. You loved to grab it and placed it directly to your mouth.


4th Month- You are now an official follower of Christ baptized to be a Roman Catholic child. When the priest was baptizing you, you also kept on murmuring words while we were seriously listening to his prayers. Did you by any chance understood what the priest was trying to say? (Mommy’s kidding)


5th Month-You loved listening to Nursery Rhyme music and you would sit like a leaning Tower of Pisa while listening to it. Music could make you smile and you were learning to babble words too. Amazing, right? This was the first time when I was  able to celebrate Mother’s day. You gave me the gift of motherhood that I will cherish forever.



6th Month-You had your first  swimming pool experience together with Dad and Mom. Grand pop and Grandma went with us too. You cried when your feet first touched the water, but little by little you started loving it.



7th Month-You started crawling from one place to another. You were very curious about anything that you could find in the room. When you were 5 months old, you sit like a leaning Tower of Pisa, but now you sit alone unsupported which made me proud of you for displaying independence.

8th Month-I couldn’t leave you alone when you were playing because you picked anything that you could see on the floor and things would end up inside your mouth. You could now stand but I could still remember how scared you were to make your first step. I was so excited to see you walk baby but I patiently waited until you were ready.



9th Month-We stayed to your Grandparents house for a month. You liked seeing Jollibee (a Filipino Fast Food Restaurant) every time we passed by the fast food restaurant. If you would be asked on where was JOBE , you would  immediately point your finger to the “RED BUMBLE BEE” smiling.



10th month-We celebrated the Naga City Fiesta for the first time and you found your first friend there. You were so clingy and you kept on holding the other baby’s hand. You loved licking the skin of the roasted pork. Did it taste delicious?


11th Month-You started moving yourself from one place to another but still you wouldn’t let go and would not walk by your own. Mommy was so excited looking at you, grasping pieces of furniture to move.received_10209380754296508

12th Month-Finally December came, this is your birth month. The happiest month for Mom and Dad. We celebrated your birthday with a Winnie the Pooh themed party.  The celebration was also a Thanks Giving party for having YOU in our life. You’re growing up too fast baby and you continued to amaze us with your monthly milestone development. We love you so much.

DSC_0169 copy




  1. Damn cute baby, god bless him tons:)

    1. Thanks for visiting and for the kind words .

  2. So cute! It’s so crazy seeing them grow. It goes by way too fast. At least you will have these pictures to look at. Very sweet.

    1. Exactly. These pictures will help us reminisce those wonderful memories. Thanks for visiting.

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