The Terrible Two

Have you heard about a parenting phenomenon they coined as the Terrible Two stage? I’ve read about some articles about it and found out that it was an old myth which wasn’t supported with any established evidence. Every child is unique and they exhibit different developmental milestones based on their unique timetable. Extreme tantrums as associated with the age 2 can also be displayed in different age group.

With my child, I’ve noticed a new development with Akyn recently. My fully mobile 22 months old toddler is now exhibiting tantrums when his curiosity to everything is being restricted. He wants to explore his environment fearlessly like climbing to stairs, chairs and tables. I feel like my heart beat skips momentarily seeing him doing some scary stunts at home. He doesn’t like hearing the word NO when I do try to stop him. Because he can’t express himself, he normally pitch a fit to show his frustrations.

Last week, I brought him to one of the Malls during my rest days. I didn’t know I was strolling with a little bossy Minion that day. He let me realized in three different occasions on who was the real boss last weekend. lol

First Scene:

We passed by a playpen with kids busy playing with all the toys available. I was hesitant to let him in and have him play with those active kids running and doing some games good for a Pre-school aged child. He was too tiny compared to them.

Alright, we will have it next time baby when you’re big enough!

I was about to leave and head to the department store when my little pickle held my hand and directed me back to the playpen. He went inside and directly knocked the small gate asking the lady guarding to open it for him. He wouldn’t leave the playpen while saying, “ Mommy open open.” The little Boss won this time. Yes, we spent an hour playing inside. I felt my knees were aching following him roaming every corner of the  place.

Second Scene:

While waiting for my husband, I opted to grab a quick snack to fill my hungry tummy and to relax my tired muscles. We had porridge with egg. The first few scoops were peaceful. I fed him and he ate. When his hunger was satisfied, he started getting the spoon and wanting to feed himself alone. I tried to stop him for the porridge was still hot. He wanted to show he was independent to carry the task in eating without my help. He was so frustrated that he couldn’t do what he wanted to do and threw his water bottle out of anger. Good thing no customer was sitting next to our table. I had to hurriedly finish my porridge or else he would definitely make a scene. I could feel his boredom waiting for me to get done. Poor mother! I almost burnt my tongue finishing my food.

Third Scene:

We went to do some grocery shopping for him. Almost all of the items in my grocery list was for him. Hello Mom duties! We passed by an aisle with the toy section unintended. The sight of the toys didn’t escape from my toddler’s eyes. I didn’t have any plans of buying toys for him. Instead, I diverted his attention to the food section but he was so persistent in getting back to the toys’ area. He shouted while resisting and said,” BALLLLLS.” Did I expect to be the center of attention at the supermarket? I’m pretty sure parents who had seen his actions would understand. He made his way to get the balls not minding the people around him. Thankfully, his Daddy came and was able to pacify his too much fascination to balls.

Never had I expected my child would show an outburst of emotions. I know, it’s normal for kids to display temper tantrums but it can’t be denied it’s too taxing to parents too. It’s really going to test your patience on how you can handle it. As much as possible, I don’t let my emotions to heighten. It’s not going to help him calm. Rather, I find ways to defuse the situation. I tried distracting him to divert his attention. Sometimes, I also provide positive reinforcement for every good behavior he displays. Both work as of the moment in some occasions. My little Minion is still learning how to control his frustrations. My role is to help him find an outlet to release them and to offer support in every stage of his development.

I am currently learning more techniques to handle my child’s emotional development. How do you handle your kids tantrums? You may want to share in the comment section below.



  1. Akyn is growing into a handsome toddler. So cute!

    1. Thank you Tita Ann. I think it runs through the Genes hahaha. He is busy now watching Nursery rhymes while I’m replying to your comment. lol.

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