No We Don’t

Went to grocery shopping with Akyn and suddenly he questioned me on how much money I have left in my purse. I lied and said I only got one pound that I needed to budget until payday and asked him why he asked. "I wanted to buy a Kinder Egg but I don't want it now because I don't want to waste your money." "I will just wait for the next payday when you have enough money Mommie!" I bought him the chocolate before we left and told him I forgot that I still have some spare change to afford... Read More

Madame Tussauds

There's nothing more comfy than sitting on a couch with unlimited cuddles from my five year old boy during a cloudy lazy Sunday. How lovely is that pretty Mommas? Hope you're all doing well, too. Today's post is our Madame Tussauds visit when we went to London at the beginning of this month. It's a bit late to post this just because I got too preoccupied of my never ending busy schedules but still I wanted to keep my blog updated whenever I have the time to do it. Traveling with my family is something we wanted to do more... Read More

First Long Holiday

A month has passed before I managed to create another post for my Akynfullhouse. What made me busy this past few weeks? Still felt elated with my four weeks vacation in going to the Philippines, my home. Yay! It took me almost a year before finally having the chance to spend time with my family. A challenge not everyone can surpass of being away for this long, isn't it true? Quite worried at first about my flight because of too many concerns going on. First, the worry about the current COVID-19. I'm praying so hard this world health concern would... Read More