First Long Holiday

A month has passed before I managed to create another post for my Akynfullhouse. What made me busy this past few weeks? Still felt elated with my four weeks vacation in going to the Philippines, my home. Yay! It took me almost a year before finally having the chance to spend time with my family. A challenge not everyone can surpass of being away for this long, isn’t it true?

Quite worried at first about my flight because of too many concerns going on. First, the worry about the current COVID-19. I’m praying so hard this world health concern would come to an end. Second worry of mine was because it was going to be my first long flight alone. Scared of the unknown again. What if I’ll get lost somewhere during my travel? What if I would miss my flight because of not getting into the right gate in the airport? How will I travel with too many bags with me and to think I don’t even have my own car? Will there be any issues with the weight of my bags? And the questions continue.

Each of my worries where answered as the days come nearer to my travel date. Although, my anxiousness was building up but my determination to push thru with my vacation was never been affected by my fear. I will go home no matter what. If all you’ve been longing for to happen for almost a year is about to get realized will you let your hesitations of getting out of your comfort zone stop it? Never will I.

My inspiration to be home.




Kuya Tony and Ate Estrella offered to drive me to Manchester  for free. Lord, thank you for sending me your angels during this difficult moments. Thank you Ate and Kuya. My journey will never be as smooth sailing without your help. They guided me up to the very last gate where non passengers can pass. Blessed to have met such beautiful souls.

What are my preparation before my travel date? Let me share to you the girl’s scout trait in me.

♥Made sure to check in online 48 hours before my flight. Most airline company will update you either via SMS or E-mail the availability of online check in. You have an option to print your ticket or just present the E-copy of it. I am more of the ancient type of passengers wanting everything in paper where I can physically touch it apart from saving the e-copy of it. Too much of being prudent, ey?

♥Bought a weighing scale to make sure I won’t be exceeding my luggage. The bag allowance depends on the airline company as well. My first booking with Cathay Pacific was 30 kg but because I had to switch my lay over route to avoid of getting part of the quarantined passengers coming from Hong Kong, had to changed to Emirates allowing 25 kg only. Got to pay extra to get the 30 kg limit. Make sure to know the check in limit before hitting the book button.

♥Brought some cash with me apart from my cards. We will never know when the need for cash will arise. Had to prepare both the currency of the UK and the Philippines so when I arrive home I’ll have some bills for emergency.

♥Read not just once but several times about my flight itinerary. I don’t want to miss it just because of incorrectly reading the information regarding my departure date or time. That’s going to be a total lame mistake. It is always a good practice to make reading a habit. I survived the travel alone challenge by simply reading directions.

♥ Ask questions when in doubt to the airport crew. There is no such thing as a dumb question. It’s safer to clarify things out than pretending to know it all when you actually don’t have any clue on where you are going. Be a smart inquisitor.

♥ Be careful in bringing things for someone to be brought home without actually seeing what’s inside the package. I would rather agree if someone would ask me to buy something for them because I can  be certain what I bought were safe to be carried than receiving a package to be delivered. Better safe than sorry.

♥Do not forget to bring the work documents needed in going back home for immigration check purposes. I did read first the POEA requirements before flying so I would know what to present in getting a pass to go back to the UK. We don’t want to miss our work life after a well spent holiday, do we?

♥Most importantly pray before, during and after your journey. Our Saviour will never forsake His children amidst the chaos going on around us. He knows how much we feel scared with the world’s most feared virus at this moment, unsecured on what is next to happen. This too shall pass.♥


Have a safe travel ahead for those planning to go home. Our prayers are with you.☺



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