No We Don’t

Went to grocery shopping with Akyn and suddenly he questioned me on how much money I have left in my purse. I lied and said I only got one pound that I needed to budget until payday and asked him why he asked. “I wanted to buy a Kinder Egg but I don’t want it now because I don’t want to waste your money.” “I will just wait for the next payday when you have enough money Mommie!”

I bought him the chocolate before we left and told him I forgot that I still have some spare change to afford it. I am really thankful my boy is growing up with a discipline when it comes to money matters. I don’t want him to be too complacent thinking it’s easy to earn cash because to be honest, it is not easy to earn the salary we are getting even as an OFW.

That’s my precious little boy.😘

I have posted this post about money matters because most people think that when you are working abroad, you are living like there is a non stop cashflow going on and everything is easy to get. Absolutely untrue. We got to work our beautiful behind so hard before we can get paid.

Recently, someone I know like an acquaintance from my previous work back home relentlessly hits my inbox with messages asking to borrow cash. She started with the greetings, “Musta?” You know that trigger word on what’s next, don’t you? I didn’t reply because obviously we aren’t close enough to carry out a conversation and it was just so weird why all of a sudden someone I’m not close with personally messaged me. Although her message was left as seen zone, she sent another one with the expected content I was suspecting asking for money six weeks ago. Still left seen zone. Then today, when I logged in, I have seen another message again from her asking money to buy some new tires for their motorcycle and medicines for her child. Like seriously?

The fact that there was no response to the previous message could be a hint that the person has no interest of lending you a money at all. I am not trying to be heartless but asking money to buy tires from someone you aren’t close with? Seriously? For the over the counter medications of her child I am sure she can afford it because she’s working with the same company I worked with before with a decent salary offer.

Please don’t do this to your overseas friends like treating them as a magic Genie in the bottle who can dispense money in one instant because NO WE DON’T have an unlimited source of paper bills to spend. We are just like you working to get a comfy life. We work hard to treat our parents and families as we seldom see each other back home. We work hard because we don’t want to be an inconvenience to anyone to sustain our needs. I don’t mind helping but getting taking advantage for petty reasons is A BIG NO!

So, yeah. Here’s one of the reasons why I work hard, to experience the luxury of treating myself without asking for donations from my acquaintances. My monthly Avon supply. I like their perfumes. Apart from it stays longer, the prices are very affordable, too.

I also bought my planner for 2024. I’ve already made few notes regarding my approved holiday leaves for me to plan ahead. Just trying to get my life together for next year. Hopefully, I will be able to.😍

While we were completing our Christmas shopping list last weekends, we found our childhood game Jackstones as we call it back home. I am very much excited to play this again. I had my first Jackstone when I was in my 4th grade. It was a lovely combination of pink and blue. I wonder where could it be now.

And as a yearly tradition, I have some little gifts of appreciation to my friends here in HULL. I am not much of a friendly type of person but I definitely adore those who are within my small circle.❤️

That’s the beautiful sunset sky after our shopping trip. Akyn requested for me to take photos of it before heading home.😘

And that wraps up my blog for today pretty Mommas. I hope I have shared some lessons in life to be mindful about. Have a lovely holiday season to all.💕

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