Happy 2nd Birthday Akyn ( December 30,2017)

“Your baby is experiencing a fetal distress and your blood pressure reading is way to high above normal.” “We may need to proceed with an emergency Caesarian Section instead of risking you and your baby’s life with the Normal Delivery,” worried advise from my Doctor. This was me and my baby’s experience 2 years ago. When we thought everything was fine but it turned out to be quite a tough road for the both of us. My labor pain almost took me 24 hours of enduring it. Have you heard about the quote that says,"You’ll never know how strong you... Read More

His Timetable, Not Mine

I must admit it to myself, that sometimes I get to compare my son's development with my friends' kids. I tend to get upset and worried if Akyn couldn't deliver the skills that other kids can. I reviewed my lessons in Pediatric Nursing about a child's milestones and development, that was when I came back to my senses. My son is perfectly normal. He has his own  learning pace designed uniquely different from others. I don't need to compare him with the other kids. My role as his mother is to support his learning process. I have learned to embrace... Read More